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Cursed Trouble in Terrorist Town

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The Concept

While talking in the GMod discord just now, I had an idea-cursed TTT. Weapons would be fucked up, i.e. default rifle would be a minecraft bow, other guns could shoot weird. Kinda similar to cursed Halo if you've ever seen that. Like in cursed Halo, we could also use oddly shaped maps.

Obviously we wouldn't have vehicles in our server, but the weapons could act similarly-having to throw them instead of shoot them, a shotgun just fucking everything up but needing years to reload, triple wielding with a third arm, and ideas similar to this that we could come up with and also find on the workshop. I'm sure there's plenty of weird-ass weapons on the workshop. We could also have different traitor/detective weapons. And this could also get interesting...

New shop weapons

Some of you may watch Yogscast TTT, and if you do, you know they have some interesting weapons in the shop. A lot of these weapons wouldn't work in normal ttt, they would change the gameplay and the balance. But I think Cursed TTT could be the perfect place for these weapons. Take, for example, the randomat, a Detective weapon that triggers a random event, i.e. low gravity, explosive barrels spawn everywhere, BEES, etc. It would change the gamemode/be too hectic for normal TTT, but would be just a regular event for Cursed TTT. And the traitor weapon that replaces someone's weapons with a railgun-just a fun thing that wouldn't really fit in in normal TTT. While not all of the Yogscast weapons would work (some promote too much RDM/rule breaking), I think a lot of them would be interesting. And we wouldn't only use their weapons, there are plenty of shop weapons I've seen that are interesting but not really for our servers.

New Roles

The Yogscast also use extra roles, like Infected (a zombie that kills people with claws to spread) and Jester (wants to die). They also used to use roles like Pheonix (could come back to life after one death), and Survivalist (basically a detective that is hidden). There are also numerous other roles from different addons, like assassins/vampires/werewolves. However, I do think that having too many roles could be a problem (it seemed it was for the Yogscast as they removed most of them) so probably having just Jester, Phoenix, Survivalist, and Infected would be best. 

But would it be popular?

I don't know if people would enjoy this. I believe I would, as it would be a bunch of fun items to play around with. But it would be a completely different experience than normal TTT. So regular players of TTT might not enjoy it. That said, maybe being different would be good-it would stand out, it would provide numerous different ways rounds can go-different roles/items/maps can effect how the traitors go. Also, players who get bored of normal TTT may find Cursed TTT to give them change to something they may be a bit tired of.

I know that this suggestion is basically "take all the yogscast's stuff and put it in a server" but I do think that there are lots of things on the workshop we could include, not just from them. I just watch their TTT a lot and I like a lot of the things they use. Also, I don't know if we can use their stuff on a server-I know their coder uploads his things to the workshop but you never know. I could start gathering weapons/map/addons if people are interested in this.

“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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