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Would you like to see a deathrun server?  

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Hello all,


I am a big fan of deathrun and would love to see what GFL can do with a deathrun server.
I do have over 1000 hours playing it too so I'll be willing to help out in any areas if needed (if there will be a deathrun).




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Posted  Edited by Eli

Death run has been done several times here in GFL. It used to be my main server the first year of GFL. I was admin twice and I don't think it should come back. Many of the amazing gamemodes that made GFL Gmod popular are dead. Jailbreak was my baby and there is ONE active server left. I would love for it to come back but I really don't think it would do well for very long. the community it had back in the day was very dedicated to that sever specifically so I don't think there's a huge following for it left in GFL today to give it a boost of life.


While many people may vote for a resurgence of the server, very few will actually follow through with that and continue to play on it. I've seen it many times with sever revivals.

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