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Molester Stallone

Ban appeal

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Posted  Edited by Molester Stallone

Woke up to get on the sever and i was banned while i was offline by the console the reason being anti cheat im super confused how do i get a ban while offline

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MOD Unknown Country 01-13-20 03:47
no nickname present
CONSOLE Permanent
Player no nickname present
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:93926362
Steam3 ID [U:1:187852724]
Steam Community 76561198148118452
Invoked on 01-13-20 03:47
Banlength Permanent
Expires on Not applicable.
Reason Lily Anti-Cheat
Banned by Admin CONSOLE
Banned from [GFLClan.com] TTT Rotation | Knives | Pointshop ...
Blocked (4) Molester Stallone, Molester Stallone, Molester Stallone, Molester Stallone
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Posted  Edited by LilyShiro

Good afternoon. I am Lily, or Mitch, creator of the anti-cheat.


You were detected cheating 14 times on the server. I cannot give you the exact reason you were detected as it would compromise our methods of detection -- they're server-side, but to make it short, you triggered a detection that cannot be triggered falsely.


It would be wise to admit to it, and then tell me what you were using so I can add it to my collection of "things i apparently detect"


Thank you.

Edited by LilyShiro

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i joined yesterday and was on 1 night how does one cheat 14 times and get banned while im asleep i also saw that there where bans for bhoping when u can do it in a single player game just by spamming the space key and holding w could that be the 14 times i "hacked"  not like i shot insane nutty shots or some thing  so what could i have done 14 times in 1 sitting that would raise some sort of attention the fact that u wont clarify just confuses me

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