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A Trial Admin I've seen less than adequate behavior from

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you might look at my name and think im a troll, really i just dont wanna get targetted.

whenever morgan is on she literally does nothing. I've reported multiple RDMs and or false kos's and if its someone she talks to or is friends with, she does nothing, at all. Adversary, Paul, Royal all are not bias at all, I've seen them slay people they talk to because they deserved it

but morgan... mannn it seems like if you're even remotely cool with her, she gives you immunity and its honestly tiring, I know a few players that are on way more who deserve trial admin tbh, tysm, luv the server, just dont like the biasy. Me and a few buds literally wait till another admin is on, to play. I can see why the current admins made it, but being on trial means you should try hard to secure your spot, it seems like she doesnt gaf.

Like... spectate her for an hour and you'll see what im talking about,  I see more regulars telling noobs to press f1 to learn more than she does. Only typing this because its like the 5th day ive witnessed bs from her. 

Nothing against her as a person, everything against her as a trial admin. I've played TTT for a long time, usually when you report someone they get slayed or you get told why they didnt deserve to be slayed.

I've never seen her do any of this.

once again i love the server!

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like it sucks knowing people befriend her bc shes admin, and in return they pretty much get immunity. That's not how leadership rolls work. Others peeped it too. New people see it and leave.


& I have literally no reason to make up shit and type that long ass msg.  I like everyone on the server, i just call bs when i see it. Go in vanish hop on and watch her man, its like an admin isnt even online



she literally just gagged the wrong person, waited a round than ungagged them, unprofessional. within 5 mins i screenshotted it and she just tells everyone to "chill the fuck out" like doesnt this server appeal to all ages? :/

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Posted  Edited by JadedJade - Edit Reason: Clarification

If you're trying to Report abusive admin behavior, Please use this Instead https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports-form/


That is the proper route of the Forums for this type of Thread, And be sure to have proof aswell.


I'm locking this thread until further notice, and Moving it.






Have a Good Day!

Sincerely, Forums Moderator Davoony.

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