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XFL - Bust or Not?

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The college football season has came to a remarkable end and now the NFL only has a couple more games. This means its the period where all football fans look back and rejoice on the memories last season provided. However, there is a new organization forthcoming, which may spark interest in the football community.


The XFL is officially starting over the spring/summer break, but will it be a bust (again)? The XFL was created back in 2001, which lasted only one season. This is due to multiple problems within the league. The main problem was the fact that the league and teams had less than a year to prepare for the season. As you can imagine, this lead to lack of plays in playbooks, team chemistry, and more. However, the XFL has took a different and smarter approach this time.


The new approach is simple... provide the league and teams enough time to prepare for the actual season. Not only that, but they took advantage of changing rules that were seen as "shitty" in the NFL. The XFL has high hopes of becoming the new league with a fast pace game, hard hits (they do take safety into major consideration), and more. Which is amazing in my opinion due to the fact that I think the XFL is starting at the right times. This is due to the fact that the NFL for a couple years now has had multiple complaints about the reffs, bullshit rules, and more. Now, its time to see something different, which I believe it will attract millions of viewers.


Overall, I just want to know what yall's person opinions are about the situation. Will it be a bust? Did they start at the right time? Could this be the next big league? Finally, lets not forget about the AAF a year or two ago... Will the XFL follow in their footsteps and become a failure? Let me know because I can tell you right now that I am so ready to watch the XFL games this year. Thank you for reading!







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The football in Spring time, especially after NFL gives them a huge chance to be a success, especially if it's going to be after the Super Bowl. Alliance of American Football had a great success before they ran out of money to bankrupt. I think in order for XFL to succeed, they have to have a millionaire/billionaire owners in charge of the league, which is a odd and perfect timing. Vince McMahon is a billionaire and operates WWE, so I believe it will survive in long term. 




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