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xXSwordandSheildXx's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Shaquile Oatmeal


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:218690134


Banned by: 



Ban Reason: Ghosting


Why should you be unbanned

I was not Cheating in any way, Shape, Or form. The way That I was able to kill Traitors Is that Is if i was with somebody and then they died in under a minute later then I would check their body and If I can See the weapon used and match it to one person who had it and was near. Then I would call sus on them or if i was sure it was them then I would Shoot to kill. I knew the punishment if I was wrong. I just didnt think that I could get banned. I am sorry to the innos I killed and To any others who might have fallen victim to my shots. I would like to be able to fix my errors by moving around more and paying less attention. Just please I wasnt cheating.

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Posted  Edited by Royal.

When I ban people for ghosting, I first check to see if you are playing with any friends, if I see that you are, I'll start to dig into the damage logs to see if you killed traitors as an inno for example, and I'll try to find the context for why you killed them. If so, and I can't find why, I look to see if your friend is a Traitor during that round, and then I'll look to see if your friend did anything similar. 


Basically, ghosting is just getting information in ways you shouldn't, like you and your friends being in a discord call telling each other everyone's roles for example. I can't seem to find any saved evidence for this case, and if you're not appealing with your friend I get the feeling this was a mistake on my end.


My apologies for the inconvenience, you have been Unbanned and I hope to see you on the server again soon!

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