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Mr_Seasons7's Prophunt Mute/Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: Mr_Seasons7

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:459576331

Reason for punishment: [ZAC]: Attempt to exploit ULX.


Why the punishment show be revoked:

Good afternoon,

I am here to plead to you for you to unban me. Now, you may be seeing the punishment reason, and already wanting to decline this appeal. However, please hear my case:


I did not do anything at all. I do not even know what the heck a ULX is. If it may be some type of exploit, I was not aware of it until now. I do NOT have any exploits installed nor did I use exploits now or ever in my online history. I swear to God I do not have any exploits installed in my computer. I have been playing prop hunt for maybe over a year, so why would I have exploits anyways? Please, I absolutely love GFL, and will never or have had any intention to exploit. Here is how this went, when I entered the game:


- Joined the server, picked the prop team.

- Went to yt to watch videos, then I went back onto gmod and saw I was hunter.

- I want back to YT to wait out the hiding time for the props.

- After maybe a minute I went back to gmod and saw I had already been unblindfolded. However, I was a bit laggy for some reason. That's alright, I said.

- I went to shoot some props, shot some non-player props, all while a bit laggy, and then after a few seconds I was kicked out of the game, to my complete surprise. I ried to rejoin, but it said "[ZAC]: Attempt to exploit ULX.". I'm like what, I have never exploited, ever!



Please repeal this false ban. If you need to search my computer, fine. I swear I do not have any exploits, nor did I have any EVER.

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A glitch seems to have happened where a ton of people were banned for no reason. We will try to resolve this as quickly as possible. This ban was not done by any of our staff, it was what we think is a glitch.


You will be unbanned as soon as possible

Former GMOD Prop Hunt Senior Admin

The Former Weirdo Senior Admin



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I'm aware that this is most likely a false ban. The anti-cheat banned many others, including myself. I am contacting the division leaders and directors to try and get this fixed.

Please be patient. 

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