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Ban Appeal. Directed @ Guush

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My steam profile / steam id. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174630355/

In my profile screenshots I hold a publicly uploaded screenshot of the ban in question. I was banned by Guush for an unknown reason of "DDOS Threat"
I joined Prophunt today at around 4:43 ish PM CST, I joined props and spectated the round as to await for it to end. Once it ended I was blindfolded and thus automatically swapped to hunters. I was able to play the hunters role for that 5 minute round with no problems, next round came around. I hid within the first 20 seconds in a perfect location, a hunter spotted me and shot at me. In that very moment I experienced a heavy amount of lag and assumed the server was just being bad like it is on TTT with it's constant disconnections. So I attempted to rejoin from the button on the disconnection screen. Failed after 6 attempts. From there I decided might as well refresh and try it again, I saw that there were players online but a bad connection. I clicked to join the game and was met with the message

"You are banned. Feel free to appeal on our forums or contact us via steam. 
Admin: ??
Reason: DDOS Threat (What even is that)
Time of Ban: 18/09/19 12:37 (Which doesn't even make sense since I connected for the first time in literally my entire life on 01/19/20)
Time left: Forever"

All I know is that I was able to play a game for 15 minutes, was starting to actually enjoy prophunt, and then got permanently banned on the spot for no reason by a guy who wasn't even IN the game, at a time that doesn't even EXIST because it physically and according to the laws of time LITERALLY cannot happen in another year. This is the first time i've ever played prophunt, in ANY server. I have no absolute idea what the hell happened but I very, very much are not happen with it.

EDIT: Okay, im deleting this. There appears to have been a half mistake on my part and a mix between the ZAC ban and my ban somehow? I somehow was banned from a completely different server for DDOS threat and I mistook GFLs server for this server, I am unbanned from the ZAC Ban now.

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You have already been UNBANNED. This was a mistake due to the anti-cheat messing up hence being banned for [ZAC]: Attempt to exploit ULX not DDOS Threat. This ban had nothing to do with Guush.

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