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guess im out

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Hey guys, its that guy who was kinda active for a year or 2. I've been inactive since I was TF2 Admin and yeah, its obvious i've been very absent from GFL

Since my first time joining GFL Jailbreak in 2017, I loved GFL, its admins, the servers it created and I watched it grow, I got admin on a few servers, made great friends in our discord but most important, I made memories I will cherish. 

I'm not gonna make this a fuckin sob story cuz yall prolly forgot about me but ig ill tag some peeps who made my time so much better.

I'll miss yall,

Tags for you whores.


You made my life hell when I first joined JB, I enjoyed headshotting you on freedays and then getting kicked off CT. Forever trial admin smh.


You consistently supported my goals to get JB admin despite me being a dickface to like half the server. I appreciate all u did and add rock back to your name fag.


Had a lot of fun with you playing Murder even tho u suck. Definitely gonna need you to add me on steam.




U were most definitely the best JB warden.  I'll need that freeday asap, thanks.


Don't know your forum @ so idc but you turned way too damn emo, text me on snap more fucker.

lmao idk who else to add to this but hey, if you played with me on Purge, Murder, JB, Prophunt, TF2 and even worked with me on Media Team, thanks for the good times.


For now

-Riggs, The Raccoon King of GFL.





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