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I'm resigning it's been fun!

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Posted  Edited by littleshake

Hello, i don't know if this is the right place to post this but i am leaving hns.
It has been a nice time and i have met a lot of lovely people but it is time i leave.
I think its gonna be 2 and something years that i have been admin now. If i'm not wrong.

We can all see that i wasn't the most active recently.I have been struggling with personal life stuff as well as school.
So i think i should leave the Garry's mod team to make space for new people who will give a 100%  in and have as much fun as i did in the start and bring some sense of community back.

As for the people who are still here for the ride:

@Fafy You have been a great friend and since the start i believed u can do more and better and look at u now 😄

@Harakoni "bet u didn't see this one coming Scottish prince" 
@PsquawOsaurus are u still alive XD? But none the less i fricking supported u and knew you could do it despite everyone hating
@Viper you are a very nice guy to talk to and discuss life also gossip a bit haha
@FrankAL ya cunt ur still here after all this time
@Jat im surprised your here again ,but glad
@Musical I like ur hair. O and the role-plays xD
@Rennadai take care of the bois 
@SS PigeonShit bro stop spying on me from the branches!
@wuf keep your sanity xd
@Zexired Last but not least, my favorite person and friend. We are still gonna talk so i don't have to say much here! 

Thanks people and enjoy 😄 I will be active on discord. But for the game part i am resigning.

Thank you! But i feel like its time for me to leave.

Edit: Sorry to anyone i forgot. Wasn't on purpose.

Edited by littleshake

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