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Horror Story

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It's one of those servers that may or may not be as populated, kind of like our sandbox server :lenny: But I really like playing this gamemode when I go on other communities, but unfortunately, the community shut down. I would like it to be hosted on this community, I play it with a couple of players on this community like @RayTheGinger , @Crazedfish , @JZee ... basically people from TTT MC. We played this gamemode, and to me it's way too spooky.  The YouTube link is broken so that may not be the best link on the gamemode link I've posted: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124828021 Also when other players wanted to join with us, we couldn't play since there's no gamemode on this anymore. There might be on open right now but it's not properly working and it's really unplayable.


credits to @Clavers

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It's a fun game mode to play with others and a funny experience to see them get spooked out. And yes it would be very cool if it would be hosted here 🙂

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