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scornfulegotist's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by scornfulegotist - Edit Reason: Grammar and Clarification

Name: Scornful Egotist


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:39192048


Banned by: 

Septic, I believe



Ban Reason: Mass RDM (RDMx3)


Why should you be unbanned


It may not be obvious by my name, but I have a difficult time asking for forgiveness. Even so, I would like to ask for it. During a recent round I was enraged by the theft of two clips took I out of two mac 10s in anticipation of the round starting so I could fill my HK-416 once it was received at round start. A man by the name of john arbuckle stole them, so I thought to buy a traitor pass and commit to revenge. It wasn't until I had finished killing him and two afk people that I realized I was an innocent by pressing c. My t-pass hadn't activated as I thought it had. If you would like to see me on the server, please show your support here. If you do not want my return, please inform me politely below. Thank you for your time. I won't be able to check this until after work. 


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Grammar and Clarification

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Okay @scornfulegotist

I know scornful means well to the server, he plays everyday mostly and he knows the rules pretty well therefore I believe this was a mistake.

Although scornful, it was definitely silly that you only managed to figure out that you were an innocent after you killed 3 people, making that the reason why i banned you

I dont want to unban you completely as i feel you need time to learn from this mistake, but I will reduce to ban to 3 days

Thank you 

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