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I don't see any problems with Mobile Authenticator App. If you guys are literally referring to how they VAC ban any account under the particular phone number that is linked, then it's really not steam's fault. You're basically avoiding the ban by creating a new account. If you guys are referring to how you lost your phone number or changed phone number, but forgot the secret code, that's your responsibility. 


I never had any problems with MAA (shortened it...), the only problem I'd ever had was setting it up, but once that's done, ba-bam! You can use email, phone SMS, or the steam guard. A lot of people are getting hacked because they keep clicking on stupid links that they think it's okay to click when there's been discussion of it for YEARS.


Okay back to your life experience with MAA... my response is that Steam or Steam Mobile App Authenticator is not responsible or is not affiliated with 3rd parties website. If you're talking about logging into this forum with your steam account, it will WARN you that this is not affiliated with Steam at all, and it is your responsibility if anything bad happens. Unless Steam or Valve themselves acknowledged those sites, then it wouldn't fall under 3rd parties website. So yes, it's a 50/50 possibility that it may reject you from logging in even if you have the code. Because it doesn't trust the site.

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credits to @Clavers

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