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Mazikeen's Prophunt Mute/Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: MazikeenSmith

Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:206450643

Reason for punishment: Hacking

Admin: TheThirdReaper

Why the punishment show be revoked:

Because I wasn't hacking. Reaper says he has proof but I find that hard to believe. If he has proof that I was hacking so blatantly, then why am I not banned on the TTT server as well? I mean, if I'm hacking on Prop Hunt, then surely I'd hack on TTT.

Also, I know Luas can be used as hacks as well, so I'll just go ahead and say that I use 1 Lua which is an AntiAFK for a DarkRP server that I play. I'll just go ahead and put it as an attachment so you can check for hacks if you'd like.


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This is the evidence I was referring to Screengrab.

You used something that gave you an advantage over other players which is not acceptable. 

Therefore your appeal has been DENIED.

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