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Dusty Truckie

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I mean im not exactly new, I mean ive been here for like 1-3 years (time flies but its been a year since i've played.

was forced into taking a break from the server (TTT minecraft (GMod)) which i've happily played on for a long time. Met a lot of awesome people due to that server/this community and i am happy to announce me coming back. 

Recently joined the U.S. Marine Corps, only say it due to me being proud as hell of becoming a Marine, and to explain the break.

But yea, finally settled in to my duty station in Japan. So i shall be playing a hole lot more, just as before. Hoping to see more familiar faces and hopefully some of them remember me as well. 


Anywho to wrap this up, It's good to be back after a long year away, hope to see some of y'all around the server.

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