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Le Monke PermaGag Removal request

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Le Monke

Steam ID:


Gagged by:

Moo the Cow? (TBH I don't remember)

Gag reason:

Asking a T. admin to ungag me after having a recent ungag request denied

Why you should be unbanned:


Welp, third times a charm I guess?


I let this sit for awhile, took a break from GFL servers to allow folks to play without me, but it just seems to pull me back in, probably since its one of the only decent servers I can get in this day and age with my garbage Lab top and WiFi. Anyways, I'm sure y'all don't give a damn anymore, as in about ungagging me as I was being a real jackass so its up to whatever y'all decide. 


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Alright dude since  its been a month and you seem to love the server i'll undo the permagag. However if you ever be toxic/micspam/join in on the micspam/play any inappropriate/annoying noises/music, basically do anything that would be deemed gaggable, your next gag will probably be permanent and won't be undone again. So I would seriously think before you use your mic. The gag will be probably be undone by the end of today or whenever i get on gmod and remember.


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