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Need change for RTV & Vote with 50%

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so this is the most annoying thing (specially or maybe only on the expert server, since there are less people).

Often when im alone on the server, some random kid joins, and when the vote for next map starts, they ofc vote for another map, because the current map is too hard.
Or they even join and instantly RTV for the next map...

and when its a 50/50 tie, its always the next map that gets picked, and not the extend ... 

like WTF?! whyyy


2 suggestions:
- either make it so on 50/50 it gets extended
- or make it so the vote with more higher ranked players gets chosen. so if 2 ppl that are ranked master and vote for extend, and the other 2 vote for next map and are not even ranked yet, that it gets extended.
-or whatever you think is right..


i just hate it... its the most annoying thing, playing for over an hour on a map and nearly be able to finish it after that hour, then some random unranked joins and rtv's that map, and then leaves because the other map is too hard for them too....

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