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SCP idea in SCP containment breach 2

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i have new idea about more SCPs

SCP-126 : she,s spawn on her chamber she,s can help the player and protect the player from hostile SCPs and chaos insurgency.

Can be used as a comedy aid, and to close the door without having to touch it.
so you get a SCP-126 chamber in the game and you can open it and after opening you can sometimes hear the scp-126 sound that surprises the player once in a while. Are there thoughts? Only an idea.
More for factors that unsettle players than others. In certain areas of the complex the player will hear footsteps without the body (high heels) moving, and sometimes can be pushed / pushed by something invisible.



SCP-347 : she,s spawn on her chamber she,s help the people,protect the player from hostile SCPs,she,s can fighting she,s can beat chaos insurgency

SCP-347 is an invisible woman and because she is invisible she can sneak in the facility easily, also because of the thief's skills she is able to steal key cards and other items from NPCs such as researchers, who have since been completely transparent to her must be naked. and she will be cold from it, the colder she is the more she loses stamina points and health points, which weakens her, so she can't go to cold areas unless she wears something. claudia is in her chamber she is changing her clothes she is wearing a dress that is a dress white with brindle light green she wears a round hat with a middle red color on the lower end of her hat. when a player meets her claudia will interact with the player friendly and talk joking to the player then claudia talk to the player to release her from her containment claudia says she will promise she will help the player if player release her if player release her she will say thank you to player then she left the player when the player walked the player found claudia's clothes and her hat was lying in the hall most likely the mtf team found claudia roaming the facility when mtf chased after her claudia took off her clothes and hat then she didn't look mtf lost track of claudia and only found her clothes and hat then mtf continues searching the facility. when the player walks to the door suddenly the door opens itself allegedly it was Claudia's action when the player stops within minutes the player can feel that his hair has just been rubbed by claudia the player will talk like someone is rubbing my hair? When the player walks, the player will get a claudia whisper to help the player when the player walks in a room. A useful item appears in a random room for the player given by Claudia. When the player is in the cafe where there is SCP-458 and SCP-261 the player can see Claudia opening the box SCP-458.then claudia eats the pizza the player can hear the sound of claudia eating pizza then she go to SCP-261 shes orders apple juice then apple juice comes out of the machine SCP-261 then claudia drinks apple juice until it runs out the sound of claudia drinking can be heard. when the player meets mtf claudia will protect the player then claudia will fight mtf and beat mtf claudia will says they are very easy i beat the player will be followed by claudia.


SCP-040 :  scp-040 is interesting because of its evolutionary strength during violations it can turn its enemies into abnormally friendly friends that remain by its side, plus scp-040-a, b and c will become partners like it can ride scp-040-1j around facilities like can you imagine this big furry animal running around the location at full speed which destroys everyone who approaches?
Also with scp-040-b it can use it to send it to places that normally cannot be reached.
By the way, for a little nerf, her movement [turning people into monsters] requires a lot of strength from her and she can't use it too much or she runs out of stamina.



SCP-134 : this little girl she,s like peterpan because she,s grow only to child she,s helping the people

She can be in her cell waiting to be saved. That could add to some challenges to help her get out, or take her to a "safer" place. Because she is blind, players can help her walk or carry her, becoming more vulnerable to other SCP attacks.


SCP-191 : SCP-191 is weak on its own, and its claws, though polite, are not really useful and due to movement defects (caused by a chip in the brain), chewing because some of the modifications are perfect for using technology that she can like hacks in the scp base system and open doors and can pass some other obstacles, such as scp-079, because it can store more memory than 079 because the corse system is much more advanced than that.
Plus she can do a number of things and hack tricks again


SCP-239 :  Sigurros ... I feel she is a bit too op because of her abilities, but we can make her work as a boss.
You fight her in the part of the game where she distorts the site (because of her magic, the site overview has changed significantly, like stretching the wall and the whole map is distorted plus you meet strange fables like creatures created by her
 Imagination) after you meet her, she will want to play against you for fun, players will be transformed into fairy tales like themselves and they will be equipped with swords, then they will fight scp-239.
the witch's child will move on a broom and she will attack you with basic witch attacks such as using her wand to use spells against you or throwing random potions.
In the second phase she will use the power of terrifying reality warping, and this attack is very powerful and can almost shoot players.

In the final phase, she and the player will turn into a dragon made of light (inspired by the clef-kondraki incident) and you have to press the button to defeat it, like a kirby game.

After her defeat, the site and players will return to normal and you will find scp-239 experiencing headaches on the floor, definitely weakening, then after a while she will stand up and thank you for a pleasant fight, then she will give you the key to the next level from the site.
If you go back to her boss's room, you will find her practicing some of her spells, if you talk to her she will give you an item, a broken telekill sword.


SCP-999 :  SCP-999 must roam around the facility itself, and if it appears SCP-999 will start slime towards the player, reach for you. What will happen next is that the player starts to slow down and laugh. The laughter gets louder when 999 continues to overpower the player, and the player must struggle to get out of his grasp (running, walking, etc.) SCP-999 (if left out) will follow the surrounding players. The player must bring SCP-999 to a safe place if the player is in the safe room SCP-134 will see the player then sees SCP-999 following the player SCP-134 will take SCP-999 then thanks the player then SCP-999 is treated by SCP-134 the player can see SCP-999 take care by her. SCP-134 gives candy and sweets to SCP-999 SCP-134 rubs SCP-999 happily SCP-999 climbs SCP-134 head. SC-134 is happy when SCP-999 on her head.


SCP-2295 :  scp-2295 "karios the bear" helps you if you have physical damage (it restores your health) kairos can be found in SCP-134 containment cells.


SCP-2019 : Contained in the containment of light. He was sleeping when the player accidentally dropped something then SCP-2019 woke up from his sleep then SCP-2019 looked to the player SCP-2019 would talk in body language. When the player approached SCP-2019 he would hug the player tightly the player must release the close arms of SCP-2019 after the player detaches from it SCP-2019 will give the player something in the form of his own liquid. SCP-2019 liquid can be useful to regenerate the player if the player drinks the liquid.


SCP-2338 : SCP-2338 is in the light containment zone SCP-2338 still on chamber and SCP-2338 children roaming around the facility and some children are still in detention cells. When players meet them they will interact through their body language and be friendly to the players. ask players to play players will play with them like hide and seek, make origami, play games when they have finished playing with SCP-2338 they will thank the players then they will give useful items to players when players go SCP-338 will congratulate stay to the player when the player leaves the containment. the player can find SCP-2338 roaming at their facility will be able to interact and be friendly to the player.
the player will see another SCP-2338 in containment if the player enters the player can see two entities SCP-2338 namely SCP-2338-A and SCP-2338-B are in the water tank. When the player meet them they will look at the player SCP-2338-B will speak body language to the player.SCP-2338-B speaks to the player sadly because she has a very painful life SCP-2338-B speaks with her finger growling asking the player in the form of a vitamin drug for her the player can give to SCP-2338-B is a SCP-500 when the player pours SCP-500 into the SCP-2338 tank then she will take the pill then swallow the pill SCP-2338-B immediately improves very well.SCP-2338-B speaks in body language says thank you I feel more OK .CP-2338-B swims looking for something then back SCP-2338-B will open the tank and give the player a Lv5 Card SCP-2338 say thank you to the player.


SCP-054 : she,s appear on her chamber she,s swimming on her tank player can see her.


SCP-1913 : they are appear on facility they are roam on facility if the player meet them SCP-1913 start chase the player.the player must hide from them.


SCP-2792 : SCP-2792 appear on her chamber she,s sitting on sofa if player meet her she will interact to player after finish interact player can feel cold on her chamber.


SCP-2506 : she can be found in the architect's room she is accompanied by SCP-2506-1 namely niles she is confused about events on the site when players meet her SCP-2506 will interact to the player SCP-2506 will offer the player what technology the player wants then she will make a technology useful for players. Sarah will explain about some SCPs and technology.


SCP-2599 : the player can find her container zena is sitting on the floor with a sad face the rabbits appear to cheer her up when the player meets her zena interact to the player sadly because she does not know who her parents are and the scp foundation is not very well taking care of her. zena will hug to the player gently followed by the rabbit then zena invites players to play with zena after they finish playing zena happy with the players zena will bring up something to the player in the form of items useful for players.


SCP-166 : You can find her walking around the facility but if she is in front of you it will bring you to sexual relations does not end.
her room has a bookshelf that contains various books and magazines (mostly religious), a table with a copy of the Bible and Catholic rosary on it and a bed. SCP-166 is satisfied with religious entertainment. There is also a small bottle filled with human cement, which is intended for her. Next to her room there is a telephone.
You can only enter these rooms with a level 4 key card or higher, because you need a level 4 security permit. Besides being classified as eucilid, there are also signs that indicate cognitohazard.
All men who see it will try to have sex immediately.
In the game, it must be a special room with a description of the first paragraph. SCP-166 is an NPC. When a player watches SCP-166 directly, he will be captivated. When watching SCP for too long, players can no longer look away and obsess with it. When lured for too long and watch SCP for too long, the player will try sexual contact.


SCP-105 : The interview notes and the failure of Pandora's Box make me feel she can serve the same role as 035. Maybe she can try and reason with players to help, for just a moment. Like, she can be a little relieved from all the fears, if that makes sense. Or can she try to manipulate the player for something she has or might know about? Maybe 105-B is on the site and she needs it to get it, even if it's not the most important thing right now? Maybe she just needs it to get out? Of course she could not follow her anywhere, maybe she could be on the other side of any locked place? Maybe 105-B can be a gift and she can help open a lot of things?


SCP-811 : she will appear in the men's bathroom, going back and forth. If you approach SCP-811, it will become aggressive, slowly moving towards you for 6 seconds. she will then start running towards you by crawling at running speed, occasionally spewing corrosive vomiting projectiles at you (which has a 10% chance of happening). If SCP-811 is close enough to you, it will start slashing you with its hands, like the zombie SCP-049-1. You can hide from SCP-811, which will make it slow down and try to find a player. If she doesn't find a player, she will surrender, get into tame conditions again, and roam around the facility. she will continue to chase you if you enter her line of sight, always starting with the slow approach that was seen when you first met SCP-811.
the idea for SCP-811's behavior is recognized to be very similar to SCP-096, but it still has differences. For example, you can hide from SCP-811, as you can from MTF. If she loses consciousness where the player is, she will (literally) shrug, surrender, and go into obedience, roaming the facility. If she finds a player, the chase will continue. So, the behavior of SCP-811 is somewhat like SCP-096 and the combined MTF.


SCP-458 :  SCP-458 can be found on the chamber you need keycard lv4 to enter containment


SCP-674 : SCP-674 (Pistol Exposition) may have some potential relating to SCP-079 and SCP-895. You can stop the SCP-079 intercom broadcast by shooting him with it or just bothering him with it. Using it on SCP-895 images can counteract its effect. Of course, using the jade ring will cancel that effect.


SCP-2999 :  SCP-2999-A in the game is roaming around the facility, SCP-2999-B on the other hand might be roaming around the facility, it will not pose a threat to the player, but will notify the player about some of the less known SCPs, and what the property is doing anomaly.
Players can find SCP-2999-A roaming facility, players can see her on the monitor in the zone area.
Players can find SCP-2999 containment chamber players can see laptops turn on by themselves then SCP-2999-A appears on the laptop screen with a smile SCP-2999-A will interact with players SCP-2999-A will explain Anomalies and SCP after SCP-2999-A finishes interact she,s disappear on the laptop screen the player will get help by SCP-2999-A like door opens by itself, drones roam in facilities controlled by SCP-2999-A, SCP-2999-A notifies the player and advises the player.


SCP-117 : SCP-117 can be found on storage this SCP useful as weapon and anything


SCP-2091 : player can see them on they chamber they are waiting for help


SCP-3970 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-3970


SCP-3960 : the player can found them on chamber player can use them for protect player


SCP-3613 : player can see them on chamber they are do activity


SCP-4000 "Taboo" : you can found the portal to the taboo on heavy containment chamber or talk to sigurros for bring the player to the taboo.the player will see creatures on taboo.


SCP-4525 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-4525 player will appear on dado store if player enter the store the player will meet shopkeeper say welcome to the player the shopkeeper will bargain to the player about product dado and dr.wondertainment product the player can buy product for utilization.after player buy the product the shopkeeper say thank you to the player then player will send back to the SCP facility.


SCP-277 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-277 the player can see SCP-277-R roaming on area


SCP-1867 : everyone,s favorite Gentleman Slug is sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to players.
Everyone's favorite Gentleman Slug is sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to players. (Even though this is a horror game, so the advice must be very small and meaningless, like "Don't look at the face of SCP-06", that's fine, but people who don't know who 096 might consider it to be a useless suggestion and for those who are know will say "Thank you for letting me know something I already know")


SCP-1926 : they are appear on chamber player can found flopsy he was roaming the facility


SCP-2118 : she,s appear on her chamber if player meet her she will speak body to the player.


SCP-3473 : the player can found obeservatorium in all zone the player can see SCP-3473 using telescopes found in each of them.


SCP-4966 : SCP-4966 on containment the player can interact to him and play with him


SCP-2050 : they are fighting hostile SCPs and chaos insurgency


SCP-4845 : the player can see SCP-4845 with telescope


SCP-4846 : they are in they chamber the player can see fossil walk and roam on facility


SCP-2845 : he,s appear on heavy containment zone the player can see him he,s just standing and see the player if the player near him SCP-2845 will turn the player into pillar and then explode.


SCP-2331 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-2331 player see people dance and disco music can be heard entirely player will see SCP-2331 playing dj music.


SCP-1284 : the player can see her with telescope SCP-1284 will interact to the player on communication monitor.


SCP-231 : The player can find SCP-231-7 in the medical room, she is lying on a hospital bed. The player can hear the whisper in the room then the whisper disappears when the player meets SCP-231-7.SCP-231-7 looks at the player SCP-231-7 will interact with players if the player invite SCP-999 to the SCP-231-7 room SCP-999 will see SCP-231-7 then jump onto the body of SCP-231-7 and tickle it.SCP-231-7 is happy to see SCP-999 because he is a child of SCP-231-7.
SCP-231-7 will speak with the following sentence:
SCP-231-7: SCP-999 are you alright?
(SCP-999 moves his head saying yes)
SCP-231-7: (gently rub SCP-999's head) I'm glad I can see you again my child
(SCP-231-7 hugging SCP-999 tightly)
(SCP-999 looks at the player then SCP-999 jumps to the player then checks the player)
(player laughs)
SCP-231-7: Enough SCP-999
(SCP-999 jumps again to SCP-231-7)
SCP-231-7: Thank you for leading my child to me
Players can see the open Achievment ie SCP-999 meet his mother SCP-231-7.


SCP-2085 : we start with the Wizard (scp-2085-1), as said at the Stealing Solidarity center, the Wizard lacks the technical and aggressive skills of the entire company, and acts as a face during operations - the eccentric billionaire image and his bodyguards are easily digested by the target, and lead to the sense of security that can be exploited in the target.
his expertise:
Public relations, fluent speaking, inspirational speeches, damage control, team mascots.
for scp-2085-A has just read stealing the solidarity hub on the wiki, it has all the information for cat girls included in their expertise.


SCP-2117 : the player can found SCP-2117 on heavy containment zone if player enter on spaceship and hiding the player the player can see wizard and cat girls enter the ship then they prepare for go off after spaceship fly away from facility.matoko will see the player hiding they are surprised they will speak to the player how he,s enter they ship then they will talk to the player they will do adventures on space then the player will adventure with SCP-2085.


SCP-953 : she walks around the foundation looking for humans to kill, players must hide from her or they are killed right away, it can also be seen killing several D-class and guards.
Admit it. When you hear "Nine-Tails Fox" through the intercom you think it will be 953. And I thought, why not? Why not have 173 and 106 with soft tails and ears only to realize that 953 is actually in disguise? You don't even need a new model, just copy the old one and add some features. Or did he disguise himself as an MTF soldier and did he become another wandering character? This game needs more roamers in my opinion.


SCP-956 :  SCP-956 will be found around the facility. If the player is too close, the player will freeze, Scp 956 will hit the player until the hp reaches 0, and an animation will show the player to crack, candy burst out of the player leaving the player to die.
Other notes:
Although Scp 956 only works for people under 12 years of age, that part must be removed when Scp 956 is applied.


SCP-006 : SCP-006 can be found on chamber the player need lv5 keycard to enter SCP-006


SCP-3540 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-3540 the player can see SCP-3540-1 and SCP-3540-2 they are talking


SCP-1530 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport SCP-1530 the player will meet SCP-1530-2 and SCP-1530-3 they will interact to the player and the player will sit on outside SCP-1530-2 and SCP-1530-3 accompany the player.


SCP-2991 : SCP-2991 on the sofa on chamber the player can interact to SCP-2991.SCP-2991 will interact to the player about dr.wondertainment company


SCP-073 : It will wander aimlessly through the facility screaming for help or to see AT LEAST someone. It can often roam in storage, believing that SCP-939 is a scientist and then meeting them, they attack SCP-073, both SCP-939 and SCP-073 start screaming in pain, SCP-073 will then escape jumping (Even though he does not can get hurt, he feels sick). If you meet him, he will be able to interact and be friendly to you and will start following you.
If you are with him before MTF, you can use it as a shield (Poor Cain) against MTF, injure them to escape, MTF will then declare "A Class-D escaped with SCP-073, we tried to kill Class-D, but SCP -073 got in the way and we caused injury. "
SCP-073 will help you with things like staring at SCP-173, but if both of them blink, SCP-173 attacks SCP-073, the sound of rock cracks will appear but our SCP-173 will remain intact and SCP-073 will be lying on the floor, unconscious.
If MTF finds SCP-073 before you, they will return it, unable to see SCP-073 again.
SCP-106 will not attack SCP-073, and it's the trick to avoid it.
Also, if SCP-073 gets hit by the Tesla coil, he will vibrate like a cartoon, fall on the floor, and recover.
cain is a man who is peaceful according to the wiki and is always willing to help the foundation. so I think you can find it in the game and when you do it will follow you around. now his ability is to reflect the damage he has done to the attacker while he has not received any damage and killed all plant life. so, I say when he follows you, he will protect you from the mtf unit shooting at you.


SCP-076 : he walks around the foundation looking for humans to kill, players must hide from him or they are killed right away, it can also be seen killing several D-class and guards.


SCP-208 : SCP-208 is treating scientists being injured at a medical place but SCP-076 suddenly appears then SCP-076 attacks him SCP-208 evades SCP-076 kills scientists being injured SCP-208 immediately runs from SCP-076.Player can find him in the patient's room in hiding. the player meets with him SCP-208 will interact friendly to the player then SCP-208 treats the player then SCP-208 leaves the player to find a way out.


SCP-317 : she,s roam on the facility the player can interact with her she,s can give the useful item to the player


SCP-2854 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-2854 player can see SCP-2854-1 and SCP-2854-2 try talk to the Employee but the Employee run away with scary


SCP-3008 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-3008 the player will on inside SCP-3008 the player must survival from SCP-3008-2 the player must find the door for exit from SCP-3008.


SCP-1550 : SCP-1550 on chamber the player can see SCP-1550 roam on chamber


SCP-1553 : SCP-1553 can be found on containment chamber the player can use SCP-1553 for protect and anything


SCP-1338 : SCP-1338 on his chamber he,s sitting on grass if the player meet him he will interact to the player with friendly and he will heal the player after finish healing he will say thank you to the player for meet him he will back sitting look plant and tree.


SCP-747 :  SCP-747 on chamber they are just standing on they chamber if the player near them they will turn the player into SCP-747-1.


SCP-3740 : he,s appear on his chamber sitting with relax you can ask him the player interact to him what does the player want ask from SCP-3740 like SCP-3740 will show creatures,gold,money,infinity stones from marvel,etc


SCP-1765 : they are appear on facility they are roam on facility if the player meet them they will give the test to the player if the player succesfully finish task SCP-1765 will say thank you they will give to the player is a useful tool then they teleport and disappear


SCP-343 : 

Just heard or watched on the monitor or if he really appears giving good or bad advice to another SCP or even killing you depending on the situation or if you attack him
 SCP-343 ("God") violates containment and escapes through Gate A. He sees you and helps you escape from helicopters, guards, etc. When you go through the hallway, you arrive at a large elevator. Chaos Rebellion runs through the door behind you and runs fast. "God" closes the elevator door and takes you upstairs. When you go up, you arrive at a field covered in corn stalks. "God" opened a path through corn. You walk and look back. 3 helicopters appeared from behind the elevator post, and 4 guards descended from each. "God" looks back while shouting "run" back to you. You run and still look back. "God" raises his hand, and in a flash of light, he saves you. Then the achievement menu appears.

Then, the radio thing:

1: "Sir,

2: "You mean, someone with the memories of the Foundation burning in their minds has run away?"

1: "Y-yes, sir."

2: "Tell the MTF unit to straighten their work or they will do an assessment ... * whispers * What? You mean, he managed to be far from contamination- * explosion and metal twist *

1: "Sir? Sir?"


SCP-3812 : appear he,s roam on facility you can see him if the player meet him he will interact to you then he,s teleport


SCP-2070 : the document can be found on laboratory


SCP-2192 : she,s appear on her chamber player can see dead guard with body has burn.if player near her she will talk to the player for not near her if player near hear the player will burn alive and dead


SCP-590 : the player can find him on his chamber if player meet him SCP-590 will interact to the player he will heal the player but all pain will appear on body SCP-590.if player go to the laboratory player can see SCP-590  on window SCP-590 pick pistol from dead guard then he,s shoot himself  then dr.bright appear and start crying to SCP-590 say sorry to SCP-590 for force him for experiment then dr.bright start screaming then he,s gone.


SCP-321 : she,s appear on her chamber the player can see her on her chamber


SCP-1192 : the player see SCP-1192 on his cage on chamber


SCP-2256 : the player can see SCP-2256 on monitor


SCP-2700 : SCP-2700 on heavy containment zone if player turn on SCP-2700.SCP-2700 shoot the laser then the universe destroy.


SCP-2207 : SCP-2207 on storage room the player can use it for open portal to the alternative world


SCP-2634 : the document and picture also the player can hear SCP-2634.SCP-2634 telepathy to the player


SCP-3022 : SCP-3022 appear on the chamber the player can use SCP-3022 for open portal to the another universe


SCP-2115 : SCP-2115 on the chamber the player interact SCP-2115 the player want interact.


SCP-706 : Similar to SCP -035 but this one really gives you a useful item or something like that, players can meet him in the server room.
The girl can run fast in the hallways of the facility just to frighten like jumpscare on a girl


SCP-1432 : the player can found tv and SCP-1432 dvd on table the player will put SCP-1432 on dvd under the tv rack the player will watch SCP-1432 same like the document.


SCP-2030 : the player can found dvd on table and put it on dvd the player will watch SCP-2030


SCP-805 : he,s appear on his chamber if player near him the player will transform into woods


SCP-1156 : he,s appear on his chamber SCP-1156 will interact to the player and give advice to the player about SCP.


SCP-765 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-765 the player see SCP-765 the player will sit and relax on SCP-765



SCP-5000 "Leaderman" : he,s appear on post credits sitting on Lounge chairs on beach the people australian appear to talk to him he,s name is a josh chandler he,s army leaderman voice imitates the voice of Thanos from marvel they will speak with this sentence.

leaderman : so what good news you here josh?

josh chandler : i got news about SCP foundation they organization destroy sir

leaderman :  well that,s good

leaderman : the foundation can,t track me because im live on this universe name is a the outer world if i on they universe the foundation will write me and call me SCP-5000

josh chandler :  yes sir they only think to do reserach and experiment they do

leaderman : well this is gonna be good now

(leaderman drink sprite bottle then done place bottle on the table)

josh chandler :  so sir how you feeling now

leaderman :  im feel good josh

(marcus sparks member of church of the broken god walk to them)

leaderman : oh look its marcus

leaderman : hello marcus

marcus sparks : hello leaderman im here to talk to you about our god you has fix it for us

leaderman : nah im only fix for use him as weapon war

josh chandler :  eh sir who,s he?

leaderman : Josh introduce this marcus sparks he is a member of the church of the broken god

josh chandler : this is weird that word like this religions

marcus sparks : this is difference josh

josh chandler : oh okay

josh chandler : so what you plan leaderman?

leaderman : my plan is im gonna eradicated human life and rebuild new with my way then they will see it why i do it like that (laugh creppy)



(post credits end)



SCP-116 : You can remove it from the booth in the light-holding zone. If you do, he will go around searching for methods of suicide. Eventually it will be killed by 106 or 173, or will commit suicide.


SCP-1293 : they are appear on they chamber the player can see them SCP-1293-A will interact to the player cheerful manner.SCP-1293-C roam on facility the player must hide from SCP-1293-C


SCP-3329 : SCP-3329 on storage if the player taste and lick SCP-3329 same like doument http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3329



SCP-053 : the player may be able to find her room and if the player has the right key card can enter, she will sit in the middle or maybe she will roam around the room, if the player touches it (Bumping into her) or stay nearby for too long the player will shake and run towards her wants to kill her the player immediately dies when the player strikes into SCP-053.



SCP-3026 : the player can find him containment chamber the player can see him on chamber



SCP-2721 : the document can be found on laboratory the player can see picture of SCP-2721


SCP-4208 : the player can found her chamber SCP-4208 will interact friendly to the player she will gonna help the player.


SCP-179 : The player can found observatorium in all zone player will see SCP-179 using telescopes found in each of them.the player can interact with SCP-179 on monitor on observatorium



SCP-001 the gate guardian : he,s appear on the monitor player can see him



SCP-1903 :  I have two ideas for this one. The first is that 1903 made its way around the map through air ventilation, so that it met her in all three zones. After emerging from the vent she will run towards the player (speed similar to 049) and claw them to death. The second idea is that 1903 was not found directly but the documents. Keep reading, players will immediately receive damage from time to time due to the effects of information. After a while the player will vomit and then fall to the ground, producing a game and a text that read "Nine Fox Tails meet, and then captured, examples of what appeared to be 1903-1. Brought for testing.


SCP-2818 : this gun can be found on storage the player can use gun for shoot hostile SCPs and guard.


SCP-447 : appear on chamber the player can use SCP-447 for healing or improvement.


SCP-1619 : the player need use SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-1619 the player will see SCP-1619-2 roaming on site


SCP-187 : she,s appear on her chamber she,s sitting on her bed player can interact with her SCP-187 will interact to player and explain to player about foundation.

SCP-085 : she,s appear on her chamber she,s can help the player

SCP-5021 invisi girl : she,s appear on her chamber player can see her drawing on paper (P.s this SCP just remove by site this SCP its interesting)


SCPs country

 SCP Chinese


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


as minigame


the player can see her on her chamber


the player can see her on tank on her chamber she,s do activity

SCP France


the player can see them roaming the facility if player near them they will give jumpscare to the player then they gone




the player need SCP-054-FR for teleport to SCP-054-FR the player can see surfboard on wave get eating by SCP-054-FR



SCP-288-fr appear on chamber the player need lv5 keycard to enter it the player can use SCP-288-FR for dig to the dungeon world the player will meet creatures live on dungeon world



the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-350-FR the player will appear on SCP-350-FR the player can see creatures on SCP-350-FR


SCP japanese


the player can see her on her chamber she,s playing with SCP-155-JP-2.



player can see her on her chamber SCP-020-JP try flying but always failed



the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-201-JP the player will get food from SCP-201-JP



he,s appear on restaurant as cameo on SCP-201-Jp



the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-1019-JP the player will appear on SCP-1019-JP the player must careful with SCP-1019-JP-A-2



Group of interest

Serpent Hand

- Small organization that embraces the use and existence of paranormal items and abilities as well as anomalous lifeforms
- Use anomalous items for infiltration and combat purposes.
- Is a loose collection of cells not acting as a group
- One has only to consider himself a member of the Serpent’s hand to be one
- Congregate in the Wanderers' Library, an interdimensional nexus, filled with books regarding the paranormal
- Hostile towards the Foundation
- Try to protect innocents from harm, but no one else



Chaos Insurgency

- splinter group of the Foundation, created by a rogue cell that went A.W.O.L. with several SCP objects in 1924
- Uses anomalies for its own benefit and to secure its power status
- Deals not only in anomalies, but also weapons and information gathering
- Exploits poor and developing countries with authoritarian regimes for resources and test subjects for their experiments, purporting ongoing ongoing wars in the process as a source of income
- Hostile towards the Foundation
- completely unscrupulous regarding human life


Church of the broken god

- Religious Organisation worshipping mechanization and believing flesh and life to be evil and "broken"
- Believe in a deity called the "Broken God", which is scattered, dispersed or otherwise rendered inert
- Try to bring the pieces of their god back together using anomalous technology to bring about some sort of techno-organic apotheosis
- Members tend to augment their bodies with technological parts, either technical or electronic in nature
- Hostile towards the Foundation
- Disregards human life and wellbeing, given its believe




- Is a manufacturer of anomalous objects and entities, most often children's toys
- It is unknown if the entity Doctor Wondertainment is a company or a person
- "Toys" made by Doctor Wondertainment can be straight up super toys every child would want or downright terrible constructs nobody would dare to play with
- The Foundation is mostly an annoyance for Doctor Wondertainment
- Given some of their products, they don't care much about the wellbeing of their customers


Promethous lab

- Multinational conglomerate researching anomalous objects for use in developing new technologies, founded in 1992
- Sold anomalous technologies to governments, militaries, and Groups of Interest
- Dissolved in 1998 due to financial decline
- The breakup resulted in the loss of many products and the layoffs of numerous personnel, as well as the formation of various successor companies
- Prometheus Labs showed a nominal amount of cooperation with Foundation, even collaborated with it on occasion
- Had no real wish to harm anyone, but the buyers of their products are another story altogether



Anderson Robotic

- Company specializing in the creation and production of of anomalous robots, androids, artificial intelligences, computer programs, and cybernetics
- Lead by Vincent Anderson, a magic user
- Surprisingly good at espionage despite its size, has remarkable resources
- Like to employ sentient machines for their goals
- Hostile towards the Foundation, but unable to win a full scale confrontation
- Try to avoid causalities among civilists, if possible



- Religious/philosophical system that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to “Grand Karcist Ion”,
- Adherents practice ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, corporeal augmentation, thaumaturgy, and dimensional manipulation
- Capable of manipulating flesh, allowing some members to transcend human limitations by argumentation to points that aren't human anymore
- Disease is viewed with reverence, as means to "cull the weak" and therefore actively seek to ensure their spread
- Is divided in two subsystems, Proto-Sarkicism and Neo-Sarkicism
- Proto-Sarkic cults are cults often found in isolated villages, and fear technology and modernity
- Neo-Sarkic cults can be found anywhere and are cosmopolitan, publicly embracing modernity and showing no apparent qualms with technology, although families tend to have some sort of scandal to need care of _


Global occult coalition

- An openly political organization, tasked with the destruction of all anomalies
- Sees itself as the police of the paranormal world
- Equipped high-end tech experimental technology
- Despite its stated mission, it allows magic users, so called Thaumaturgists, to join and even uses anomalous objects in the field
- Is a rival to the Foundation, both carried out many joint-operations, but there were also assaults with the goal to destroy certain SCP objects
- Tries to keep civil causalities to a minimum


hand dinodon "serpent hand korean"

- Korean branch of Serpent's Hand
- Originally, "the Underground Taoists" which deserted from the Joseon Dynasty's secret governmental agency in 1701
- First contact with Serpent's Hand was made in US, in 1910s
- Shortly after the first contact, declared themselves as Korean Serpent's Hand and gained access into Wanderer's Library
- Fought against Imperial Japanese paranormal agencies by assisting the Korean anarchistic resistance in 1920s-30s
- A woman named Hoya became its current leader in 2016. She is a daughter of SCP-953
- Hostile to GOC, but avoiding the Foundation
- Politically anarcho-syndicalistic. They distrust paranormal capitalists such ans Marshall, Carter & Dark or Dr. Wondertainment
- Tries to avoid harming civilians, but can be ruthless to operatives of the paranormal world if it needs be


Raptor tech industry

- Manufacturer of anomalous weapons and AI for the black market
- Former supplier of the German branch
- Hostile towards the Foundation
- Not completelly immoral but most often money is most important



Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting

- Traveling circus run by anomalous beings
- Most human performers use anomalous deformities for the sake of performance in some way
- Leaves behind persons and objects for the Foundation to pick up then and when
- Possesses the Kaleidoscope, a device allowing it to create portals through space and dimensions
- Is on a constant run from the Foundation
- Normally tries to keep its audience safe, but errors can happen. A similar fact holds true for performers. Herman Fuller, the ringmaster, is a special case, that abducts, hurt and kills people as it suits him


Horizon Initiative

- Organization created in the late 1960s by various influential sects in the main three Abrahamic religions
- Tasked with the destruction or recovery of anomalous objects to further and unify abrahamic faith
- Led by the three leaders of the three largest sects involved in its creation
- Internal strife takes some control from the administration
- Possessiv ist own combat unit
- Sentiments towards the Foundation fluctuates, one time they are hostile, another time, they are cooperative, depending on the task at hand
- Not above hurting and killing "heretics"


LETTERS Entertainment

- Producer of video games for all platforms imaginable
- Normally products doesn’t have side effects, but their unique idea of game production leads to problems then and when
- The Foundation considers buying products for different uses, be it recreation or training
- LETTERS Entertainment has many different game developers, resulting in many different games, but they all influence reality in some way.
- Some game developer seem to strife for being better than others
- Tries to evade the Foundation
- Takes the health of its customers into account


ECO Press

- Anomalous News Publisher and business trust company from a parallel universe
- Produces anomalies using information technology, which most of the time do not affect the physical body of those exposed to them
- Creates anomalous items of appearances of normal information carriers (paper, disks, etc.)
- Products are often dangerous, because the human capabilities for using them are either overestimated or misjudged
- Structure and leaders as well as the general world ECO Press is situated in are unknown, although history of both universes seems mostly the same
- ECO Press has only a limited ability to view our universe
- Exists in a dystopia world where the ECO Press has taken over all the governments
- Fluent in Chinese, but some members also know English
- Amicable towards the Foundation, since they only want to explore our universe
- Does not actively try to harm people


St. Christina College

- Secondary school that possesses many anomalous objects, founded in 1952
- The campus was never located by the Foundation
- Aims to cultivate the most outstanding students through the application of anomalies
- Also teaches its students how to create anomalies
- Lead by an individual named "The Principal", who is adored by staff and students alike
- A lot of students later join anomalous organizations, the Foundation included
- Doesn't care about the Foundation
- Tries to keep its students and personnel from harm


Home Wonders Ltd.

- Organization producing and selling anomalous everyday objects, furniture and kitchen appliances for example
- Products are often dangerous, despite being intended to improve life, either because of unreliability or malfunction
- Organizational structure is unknown
- Hide from the Foundation
- Apparently hold the wellbeing of their customers not in high regard


Autonomic Recon Group with Undefined Specialization Inc. (A.R.G.U.S. Inc.)

- company leasing/selling well-trained soldiers and/or anomalous heavy military equipment, training militias and producing potent psychotropic drugs and other stimulants.
- Works undercover as a private security company, mostly undertaking recon tasks and guerrilla operations, but was also part of larger conflicts
- Have often fallen into conflict with governments
- Products help users to gain the upper-hand in battle, but also cripple them
- Is in continuous contact with unknown organisation called "Creators"
- Hostile towards the Foundation
- Have moral standards, but money is more important most of the time


The Millionaire, Mr Royer

- Benefactor of the Foundation
- Not much is known about this individual
- has a lot of real estates related to SCP objects
- Tries to help the Foundation
- His morals are unknown


Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL)

- Organization creating anomalous life forms, such as animals, plants and objects which behave like creatures
- Almost all creatures manifest anomalous properties or additional functions
- Rarely sells their creations
- Purpose of the organization is unknown
- Hide from the Foundation
- Not restricted by standard ethics


Das Wunderkabinett

- Teleporting store that sells anomalous items
- Specialized on fulfilling peoples awishes, with varying success
- Run by several anomalous beings
- Owner is Ms Mirabilis
- Amicable towards of the Foundation, for the most part
- Tries to prevent innocent victims but doesn’t view itself as liable for misuse of its products





God SCPs

mekhane the machine god




scarlet king


he who made the light and he who made the dark


mary yakama

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