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Event #171 -- Fap Session

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Event Overview:

Hello everyone!


For this week, a bit more surprisingly this time since there were quite a lot of votes for this thread (thank you to everyone who voted!), we'll be playing this map combo as suggested by bluedog! No lasers or funnee minigames once again, just some good old Fapescape, quite a classic map from back in the day. (Although bluedong forgot to includ the much older original first version of Fapescape in his combo, but hey).


For this event we'll be playing:

Time for the event:

  • Saturday March 14th @ 5pm CST
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.

Special Kickers:

  • None for this event.

VIP Rewards:

  • For this event you'll be getting one week of V.I.P. if you win one map. Two weeks if you win both of them!
  • This event will be a bit tryhard, so excessive / derailing micspam will be dealt with.
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
  • Each map will be played for a maximum of 120 minutes.
  • Any willing one.
See you this weekend, and good luck!

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