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I got banned from GFL's TTT server for one day for "false repetitive false reports after being kicked."  I don't recall ever being kicked.  I was disconnected, but I was never kicked.  Yes, I did use the report system to communicate with people since I had been banned for 30 minutes because of something as stupid as saying the F word, which Roger seems to not like very much since he gagged and kicked 2 different people, (me and Revolution), for saying it.  I used the report system to communicate with people two times; once to tell a fellow member that had just used the sacred F word to not use that F word and that Roger did not like it.  About five minutes passed before I did it again, (of course, not being kicked from the game like Roger's reason claims), and did not do it anymore afterwards.  


And Roger, maybe instead of being so eager to ban everyone, you could WARN them before instantly removing them.  I know it's a lot to ask, but it really isn't that hard.  You most likely wouldn't have to ban anyone if you warned them prior to banning them with false reason.  🤥❤️

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