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Twinhold's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Twinhold


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_1:1:43768066


Banned by: 

No name attached


Ban Reason: Mass


Why should you be unbanned

Was banned for mass when I killed 4 people legitimately.  I was a detective and was banned before I was able to answer to any of them.


First was  GooneyViperZ I believe.  He pulled out an traitor weapon (AWP) while behind another detective and put it away just before I pulled the trigger.  He then said he had no weapon out and reported me.


Im not sure who the next one was but they were in a gun fight with another detective so I helped him, and he was a traitor


Third just killed an innocent so I shot and killed him, he was innocent as well


Fourth opened fire on me and another detective while trying to figure out why the last 2 guys started shooting at each other.


While replying to the reports I was banned 


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1st : I was the one who banned you

2nd : Wrong server, You did a appeal on TTT Rotation when it was TTT MC 24\7

3rd : your first kill, He did not pull out an AWP it was a Rifle you just killed for pulling out a gun. Your third kill, That innocent was KOSed for RDMing and since he followed that KOS you killed that innocent for following a KOS. Your Fourth kill, you actually shot first so by that i did a Ban for Mass.







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