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Probably leaving hns

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I know what you're probably thinking "You'll probably come back one day, like you've always had" well, this time I'm not so sure

My time with HNS had it's ups and downs, I really enjoyed the time I spent playing HNS I really loved the people that I've chatted with on there, they've been so kind and I want to thank the people that have stuck with me throughout the time I've spent on here. I don't think I'll be on in a while, If not, never. Whoever may come across this and is reading it, Thank you, Thank you for making my time spent a good one, I'll definitely cherish the times I had on Gmod.


I'm really not good at writing things well, sorry if you're triggered by my bad engrish

The Almighty Tako

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Have a good time playing the other servers in GFL. If you're not sure, time will tell in the future. Just do your own thing for now and see what interest you again.


credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by consolepleb
5 hours ago, BadD said:


I don't ever remember saying/showing that I hate you, If It seemed that way. I'm sorry, I don't hate you ❤️ I don't know why you think I do 🤔



9 hours ago, BrotherWolf said:

Rip, fun playing with you man.


Good luck on other stuff :)

thanks 😄 Been fun playing with you as well, that goes for "All" *Cough Cough* NukeTheFox *Cough Cough* of the people I met on gfl.

Edited by consolepleb

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