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WolverLean's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: WolverLean


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:7009543


Banned by: 



Ban Reason: Attempted Mass RDM


Why should you be unbanned

The reason why I did an attempt is because there was one player that started crap about me killing him while he was a traitor. He literally kept making it an issue so while I was replying back to my report on the server, he wouldn't stop complaining. As soon I as I say something, the whole server starts telling me to shut up as I'm explaining myself and they over here start getting racist because they notice I'm not white like predominately the whole community in GFL.  The next round, I literally get shot trying to explain myself by his friend/random person in the server and they're still over here making racist comments again about me, etc.  So that next round, I decided to take things in my own hands because an admin wasn't trying to help mediate the situation from the report then I let it off then I left because I didn't want to keep listening to those kids screaming in my ears. I was just angry because no one was there to side with me. 


I didn't mean to flash out like that but that will never happen again. You guys are the only servers with a legit TTT system unlike all the other servers in the TTT category.  Next time, I was just won't get on all chat speak and just deal with the other person on the report system on TTT instead of actually talking to them. 

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I was the admin that banned you, I'll unban you this time but make sure you let the admins deal with these issues, it was a hectic night and we could only deal with so much at once.

If this happens again however I will not unban you and it will be served out.





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