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[SourcePawn] Discord -> On Connect

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Discord On Connect

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a plugin I made this morning quickly.


A quick plugin I wrote for SourceMod. When a client joins the game, it will open an MOTD window with a Discord invite link or anything else you want. Comes with many features. Supports menus, cookies, and more.



  • sm_doc_enabled => Enables plugin (Default: 1).
  • sm_doc_title => MOTD window's title. (Default: "Join our Discord server and get free rewards!").
  • sm_doc_link => Discord invite link. (Default: "https://discord.gg/MnPD6BG").
  • sm_doc_menu => Show a menu stating to join the server on connect? (Default: 1).
  • sm_doc_notify => Notify the client that we invited them to our Discord server when `sm_doc_menu` is set to 0. (Default: 1).
  • sm_doc_prevent_multiple => Prevent more than one invite per user. (Default: 1).
  • sm_doc_goto => Go to another URL after opening Discord link two seconds later (silently). (Default: 1).
  • sm_doc_goto_url => URL to go to if 'sm_doc_goto' is set to 1. (Default: "https://GFLClan.com/").
  • sm_doc_hook => Hook to use when presenting menu. 1 = Hook->player_initial_spawn. 2 = OnClientPostAdminCheck. (Default: 2).
  • sm_doc_wait_time => Wait time when using '2' as `sm_doc_hook`. (Default: 10.0).



  • Christian Deacon - @Roy


GitHub Link



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As stated in the original post, I made this fairly quickly. This will likely be going on our TF2 and CS:S servers.


The code appears to work in CS:S and TF2 based off of the testing I've done in both games. All the features work from what I tested. I'm sure there are ways this code can be improved. With that said, if any GFL Developers want to try to implement join awards to this such as Store credits, that'd be awesome! Though, this would require setting up a Discord bot, setting up a web-backend with a REST API (more than likely), and more. I might try to take on that project in the future, I'm already busy with Anycast development and a lot more.



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