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Half Life 3 Good or Bad?

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So I know "Half Life 3" isn't out yet but it's 100% confirmed if you've played "Half Life Alyx VR" but will it be good and what is everyone opinion on it. If "Half Life 3" does decide to launch they might just create a whole new "GMOD" with a completely brand new platform/source engine. From the image I uploaded this was found in steam data base about 1-2 months ago and someone decoded it and found this menu. This may not be fully true because they could change anything from now until launch but most likely there will be a new "GMOD" once this game launches. If you haven't seen the teaser for "Half Life 3" I would go watch the ending to "Half Life Alyx VR" but I highly recommend playing the game if you have VR. I just want to know what's the community's opinion on this because I think it will be good in my opinion. :)



@Auralanity Did this wonderful artwork  ❤️

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VR Garrys mod will mostly likely take a while to come out because there is no HLA death match 

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