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ze_atos server raid attempt

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Posted  Edited by Doogla

(With admins approval of course)

ze_atos has proven to be a difficult map to overcome even with the recent changes, it is difficult to beat without at least some organization. On Thursday, April 30th, at 8 P.M. EST (a little before to be ready at 8 )all that know the map could log on to GFL to give it a good go.


We need a little bit of coordination to beat the more difficult maps on this server. I think it would be a good idea for more people to do things like this to try to accomplish something not done very often.

If a t3 or server manager wouldn't mind setting the map at that time it would be great. :) (in case it was recently nominated)

Let me know what you boys and girls think down below.


Edited by Doogla

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Posted  Edited by willywilson

You wanna raid? Why not break into wherever our server is and upload last man standing to the server, and then set it next map? Now that's my kinda raid. 

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