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Magnetic's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Magnetic


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:53664486


Banned by: 

I am not sure who banned me, it doesn't say on my ban message.




Ban Reason: Mass RDM


Why should you be unbanned

I have playedTTT rotation  for hours on that day without issues until that 1 unfortunate round where I made some bad judgement calls about who is a T and who isn't.  I killed 2 people based on vague suspicions and ruined their fun because of it.  Except for the 3rd person who was actually following me to an isolated room and was aiming at my head who I shot. I was still trying to type out my response to the ticket and explained my side of things but then I got banned.  I am sorry if it ruined their fun but I had no mal intentions.


That's why I think should be unbanned.

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Okay,  Yes I did ban you. Your kills were not justified and there is no difference between the 2 that you killed and the guy that followed you into the room, all 3 you killed were of suspicion, regardless of if he was aiming or following you to a room it is not warranted to kill someone for it. And that is why I banned you. 

I've been told there is a new system for accepting/denying stuff so I believe I have to leave it to senior/managers or something.

Thank you for appealing

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