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Half-Life Co-Op MOTD

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Welcome to GFLClan's






  1. No spamming of any chat system in-game. (mic spam, chat spam, etc.)
  2. While it is not required that you work with your teammates, it is not allowed to work against them.
  3. Do not pick any skin in the outfitter menu that breaks any other rule here.
  4. Do not attempt to exploit or find a loophole in the gamemode or maps.
  5. Do not use any racial or homophobic slurs, or words/phrases that very obviously imply them.
  6. Do not troll, minge, or disrespect other players.
  7. Do not use hacks or scripts of any kind.
  8. Staff have finally say or discretion on any situation where they must get involved. If you have an issue with a staff member, read the message at the top of the MOTD.
  9. Stay inside of the map.
  10. Porn/gore/disgusting spray or profile pictures are prohibited. All staff have the right to ask to see your spray at any time. If you refuse to show your spray, you are susceptible to a ban. STAFF DISCRETION ON SPRAY LEGALITY. 
  11. Players must have at least 3 consecutive, typable English characters in their name. 
  12. Do not impersonate staff. This includes any tags in your name that could cause others to think you are staff.
  13. Do not argue with staff or tell them how to do their job. This includes, but is not restricted to getting involved with staff related tasks/topics, such as other peoples punishments.
  14. Do not target or bully other players.
  15. No advertising non-GFL content
  16. Have fun, and use common sense.




  • F1 - Vote yes on an ongoing vote.

  • F2 - Vote no on an ongoing vote.

  • F3 - Toggle thirdperson.

  • F4 - Open/close gamemode commands menu.

  • ESC/Pause - Open the gamemode menu where you can configure many things.

  • TAB - View connected players and mute players you want to mute.

  • G - Open emote menu to use purchased emotes in the way you put them in !emotes. (see more info about !emotes below)

  • !shop - Open Pointshop to spend your earned points for items.

  • !outfit - Pick your own playermodel from the GMod Workshop. Only VIPs+ can make their custom playermodel visible to all players.

  • !tags - Make your own chat tag, name color, and text color customizations (VIP+ exclusive).

  • !emotes - Purchase emotes and place them in your emote radial menu. (hold G to use placed emotes)





Server IP:




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