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Trucy's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Trucy - Edit Reason: Didnt ping.

Name: Trucy


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_1:1:111627965


Banned by: 

@Jhay Moon





Ban Reason: Racism + Previous Mutes on the 9th of April.


Why should you be unbanned


Because I will not do the same stupid joke to say the nono word to the new trial admins as a gift (except for one admin where kept constantly doing it for one week) for their first mute. And I want to do flips, createflips, rtv. 




Also I want to claim T weps. 



Sincerely Trucy. 



Edited by Trucy
Didnt ping.

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I remember when I perm muted you, you gloated about it in the discord. You clearly have regretted the side effects of not being able to talk, not only from what is said here but other stuff me and the other admins have seen, so I am gonna give you one more shot. No racism please Trucy :c Even if it is a joke. You'll have to wait way longer to appeal if it happens again.

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