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Invalid A2S_INFO Responses Bug Fixed

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Hey everyone,


If you noticed our servers being password-protected randomly recently or just had invalid information on HLSW or in the in-game server browser, this was due to a bug that should be resolved now. I applied a patch I implemented on Compressor V1 to our NYC POP a couple weeks ago. It was supposed to spread traffic to the AF_XDP socket to all RX queues. This worked for our old Hivelocity POP because we had a dedicated NIC/machine with the same amount as actual RX queues as CPUs. However, since our POP servers are virtualized, we didn't actually have the same RX queue count as CPU count and I think this was the issue.


I told @Dreae to revert this pull request to Compressor V1 and I'm going to work to find a way to get the actual RX queue count of a server instead of just the CPU count (you can have less RX queues than CPUs).


Thank you for understanding.

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