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[2FORT/TX] Multi-hack User

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  • Purpose
    • Report player for multiple hacks (ESP, Trigger/Aimbot)
      • ID:    STEAM_0:0:61372604
  • Justification
    • Super suspicious headshots, strange angles before recording. Visible tracking behind walls of enemies and blatent twitching of crosshair near players. Triggerbot is visible early on as well.
  • Source
    • https://youtu.be/7u72hi_-BbU [Wait till 5 min after this post to view video]

      • Brief recording that I trimmed down to 3 minutes. It is clearly visible if you connect and watch him. But i wanted to spare you the trouble

      • Also, apologies on no sound! Didn't select correct audio device. Corrected.

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