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Engineer Fortress

Engie Fortress  

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I want to run an idea by this community for a server I am starting up as a side-project.


Map:            ctf_2fort or ctf_2fort_unleashed
Cap Limit:        1
Details:        Engineers only. No time limit. RTD enabled for an extra variable of chaos. 30s 60s cooldown. noclip enabled. Probabilities increased for positive rolls.

Players:       Preferably 32 for maximum chaos, however 24 is more realistic with how chaotic the server will be. 32 players with sentries crammed into one server with RTD going off constantly will not be enjoyable for players on lower-end machines.


To many, this idea sounds like hell. I mean who wants to be stuck in a 2fort game with engineers only where there will likely be a stalemate lasting hours and hours? I would.


So would many other players I've shot the idea to. I've been asking players from many different communities if they would play a server with this setup and in the mix of a couple 'Hell No!'s' I have gotten a good number of people giving me their blessing.


It's an idea I have had for many, many years. I wouldn't think of it as a singular game of 2fort. Rather a war spanning many players and many hours. It would be a constant siege with RTD helping to break the stalemate and give players the opportunity to make game-shifting plays.


I think it would be fun. What say you all?

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2 minutes ago, Mejilla said:

I feel like would be a fun event yes (excluding the noclip), but as an official server to have probably not so much.

It's also very simple to set up as well. With class restrictions plugin and the RTD plugin, as well as the map it would be done.

I would definitely look into this as far as an event, for sure!


Awww why the aversion to noclip? :) Haha.


You are right, it's very simple to setup. It took me less than an hour to get the server setup with the proper plugins. Just going to do some tweaking now.


I haven't been able to shake the idea of a server like this since 2015 so I'm giving it a go so I can say I tried! :)


An event would be insanely fun.

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