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Esbelto's 2nd Ban Appeal

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Name: Esbelto Sanchez


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:31247683


Banned by: 

@Calculord, and rightfully so.


Ban Reason: Hacking. I used wallhacks as you can see in this screenshot. https://imgur.com/LOwMbSj (Grabbed from previous appeal)


Why should you be unbanned


I hacked, there's no way to dodge what I did just asking for a chance to make things anew, I fucked up and wish to be able to make up for my mistakes, I don't have anymore hacks, they're long since gone, it's a mistake I made thinking I was funny but mainly was a dick in general, I just want to show over the course of the year I've been banned, that I've changed and WONT do it again. Thank you for reading and possibly understanding.

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Since this ban is over a year old, you have admitted to hacking and your remorse for it you will be unbanned.



Your appeal has been ACCEPTED.

Former GMOD Prop Hunt Senior Admin

The Former Weirdo Senior Admin



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