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Thinking of name change

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Hey, its been a while. I'm turning 22 next month. Thinking of changing name, kinda feeling like I'm outgrowing this one. I may keep it though. I need ideas that just might be stupidly brilliant....


Still see a lot of familiar faces which makes me happy. I'm here to get my nostalgia fix for surftimer, but I still play my share of games. I need COD MW peeps who are actually decent. Ari is good but, you know, that man needs a stream deck with Text Chat Callouts.

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If you plan to use Discord often I find that the name everyone is a very popular choice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Welcome back.  Are we allowed to say that we like your old name see if we can persuade you to keep it?  It's always so frustrating when people change their names especially if they have history there, and I feel like people who do it often are trying to hide their past for some reason



Only generally speaking and not saying this is always the case

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