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Why did straferunning get fucked?

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Just noticed that when you strafe you lose a little bit of velocity, so now it's not worth it anymore. I know it's consistent with all the other servers now but now it feels like bhopping is even more powerful now. Just my 2 cents. 

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Posted  Edited by sTc

Not every server (in CS:GO at least) has strafe-walking since it requires certain configurations that make stafewalking possible.
Strafe-walking is only (?) dependent on the server Con(sole)Var(iable) sv_friction AFAIK. Every Source Engine game (correct me if I'm wrong) until CS:GO has sv_friction 4 by default (i.e CS:S)
CS:GO on the other hand has sv_friction 5.2 as default. The higher the sv_friction value the less speed you'll get from strafe-walking, 5.2 is enough I think to actually loose speed with strafe-walking. So every CS:GO server you've been playing on that has strafe-walking probably set sv_friction to 4 (or uses other things to achieve the same behavior like inCS:S).

The reason why you might got the impression that strafe-walking got messed up on GFL could be the fact that sv_friction can be changed by the map you play on.
It's possible, because there's a textfile in the server called bspconvar_whitelist.txt that has all the ConVars listed that can be changed by a  map, which includes sv_friction.

For example, you probably noticed that on ZE maps that have little surf segments (or are just whole ZE surf maps) that sometimes in chat you'll see a message like:

Server cvar 'sv_airaccelerate' changed to 100

That is an example of a map changing a server ConVar, sv_airaccelerate is a whitelisted ConVar
So there might be a chance that the map you were playing on where you noticed the strafe-walking issue was just the map changing the sv_friction ConVar.


There was just a problem loading the map/server config that changes sv_frictio to 4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edited by sTc

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Yeah ur right, it's most likely on a map by map basis. I notice that some maps you gain less speed straferunning than others. I think that one map i played on had a friction setting high enough to make it slower than regular running, might have been a map test i forgot

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