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Hello GFL

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Hello GFL, my name is Frol1ck.


I've played on GFL Servers for a few months now sticking around the 1v1 server. Now that I've become a member I decided to try out your Jailbreak server and can say I'm happily impressed with it.


Some background on me;

I'm 16 years old and an avid gamer and computer enthusiast. When I was 3 I began to show an interest in computers and that's when my Dad started to work with me. Since then I've learned about the repair and build of computers, can code in HTML, CSS and I am learning PHP, Javascript and Java, and lots about servers and how the internet really works.

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Welcome, I can see you are a coder, that's really good, if you want to help our community you could start helping us making codes to make our servers even better





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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Hello, welcome to GFL!

Hope you enjoy being part of our community.



Former | too many things to fit in a signature

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