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The year(s) started coming and they didn't stop coming.

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It's been a good run, been an admin for about a year and almost 6 months. Haven't done much for the past 6. I've met some good people and have had a lot of fun. Still will hang around in my usual circle (Prophunt) might even play on a server every now and then. Now on to the mentions (It's not in any particular order)


@TheThirdReaper One of the first people I met in GFL. Been a while and you're one of the few on prophunt who has stuck around being one of my good friends. 

@Toxic Another one of the few who has stuck around. You've been a good friend, even if you have made mistakes that me and Reaper got annoyed at you for.

@The Spider of Purgatory  One of the people I play games with regularly, also one of the first people I met in GFL.

@Dralga Old manager of prophunt, introduced me to some people I also play with regularly.

@Kettermelon Stuck around for a while also. You were a good admin and a good friend on prophunt.

@SirPriss Same as Ketter, although it's been a bit longer. I remember playing and having fun with you way back when.

@Rabid Hound I had some doubts about you at first, but you turned into a solid admin and I'm glad you were admin on prophunt. 
@Leks You and Boxy were the senior admins for me, I still remember it fondly. Especially when you called someone a bowlcut.

@Pyros You've been a friendly face and it's always fun to talk with you, whenever it is, even when it's like a problem with prophunt.

@Boxy Same with Leks, basically. Still remember some fun times.

@Fafy You and Zero have been a big help with prophunt, and even the gamemode in general, not sure what else to say. 

@Zero Same with Fafy, although to add to that both of you have backed me and others up in multiple occasions, which I'm thankful for.

@Zebra You were one of the first higher ups I knew, never talked much but you were nice when in conversations.

@motorsteak Another one of the first higher ups I met, also didn't talk much but you were always helpful.

@Harakoni I remember having some good times on prophunt way back when, didn't even realize you were an admin on Hide and seek. Still were some good times

@tyler Known you for a while now, you've disappeared on multiple occasions, but you will still be my friend.

Also, the other staff members of prophunt, @djscojo @Lord_Banana @1UpPeach @stvnwood05 @sergeant_squiddy @Wolf Boy @gmullinn

Probably a bunch of people I forgot to put. Really not good stuff like this but whatever. Anywhos, hope y'all have some fun!

Edited by Calculord

Former GMOD Prop Hunt Senior Admin

The Former Weirdo Senior Admin



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