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Gag time being changed after leaving the server

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I know this report is unorthodox, but it's better to understand a step-by-step series of events.

>Had a few-month-long feud with Andrew and Fake Ninja.
>They !sm me every game (which I don't care about).
>They said I was a terrible person who false leads, etc, etc.
>I make a keybind that says to !sm them despite it not changing anything because they don't speak but they talk so much shit about me.
>Had this keybind for weeks.

>Kaien shows up.
>Kaien tells me to remove my bind or he gags me, despite seeing it before and not saying anything.
>I tell him I am only removing it if Andrew or Fake Ninja give me a chance.

>Gets gagged for 30 minutes because I was "harassing people".

>People request the admin to permanently gag me because they don't like me.
>Kaien ignores blatant harassment.


>Fake Ninja doesn't mute me in the next game and actually responds to what I say in a positive manner.
>I change keybind to something else, like kaien asked, since Fake Ninja actually went out of his way to give me a chance...

>I leave the game to go eat while my 30-minute gag is still in effect.

>I come back an hour later.....


Can someone explain to me why kaien increased the gag time? Also, why did he increase it if I REMOVED THE KEYBIND THAT GOT ME GAGGED?!

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I have received complaints from both Andrew and Fake Ninja about your binds, you deliberately ignored my last warning and proceeded to use your bind after i gave you a final warning as we can see on the following screenshot https://imgur.com/a/cGINQyu
The gag was applied based on your record on sourceban since you were gagged for 1 hour by another admin as we can see here as well https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:0:434370377&advType=steamid
If you have any proof that Andrew or Fake Ninja have been harassing you feel free to report them, because i haven't seen them attacking you in the server at all, while you spam those binds every round. Also !sm is an open command for any player on the server, no one is forced to listen to someone that they don't wanna listen or they don't like it, this isn't an offense to anyone.

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Would also like to add that I have talked to the admin team about not allowing you to use these binds, kaien has not made this up out of nowhere. Also in addition to kaiens warning, I know that I've definitely warned you ingame already to not use these binds.


Follow the form next time too.

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