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acewashacked's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): acewashacked

SteamID: acewashacked


Admin that banned you: console

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): perma banned


Why should you be unbanned?

it was my first time on the server and first time playing TTT I was trolling a BIT AND I DO APLOGIZE. the server was really good. im pretty sure I was banned for RDM but I don't see why I had to be banned for life. please help me out I enjoy the server very much and I promise not to RDM onpurpose anymore sincerely acewashacked

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I’m going to state what Could had happened


Like you said you were trolling and I’m sure that means you were rdming in that process. At that point your karma went down to below 650 (the point where you’re automatically banned my console for the reason “karma ban”)

At this point, an error probably happened in the action, which caused you to be perma banned

If this is true, the ban should had only been a day

Something else that could had happened
An admin perma banned from console for a reason which would lead to a perma ban, these include, ban history (can’t be that since you don’t have one), Super mass (Killing of 8+ players), or cheating

This is a stretch, for no proof is shown nor a reason for said ban


One more thing is an admin banned you from Console and accidentally set it for perma ban



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