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Browsing the forum - noticed the Music section doesn't seem to be very popular.


How about some more gamer-y music for you guys?

I'm no professional; let alone even an amateur.. but here are a couple Chiptune songs I made (think 8/16bit music etc)


((WARNING)) - Turn your volume down a bit; I had some issues getting it to play the correct volume without breaking an instrument, or two


This one was made quite a few years ago - took me DAYS to get right, and finish.. Still could use more 'song' to it, alas.. I don't have the master file for this anymore, so it's stuck at short, and sweet. Haha


This one, titled appropriately Chips'n'Dip

...I made recently after having an unusual craving to make some fun music again; as well as eating a whole bag/jar of Chips and Dip trying to figure out the strange controls, as well as relearning how to mess with the wave forms to get the correct instrument sounds. Probably 3 days re-learning.. and another 1-2 days making the song. Oof. Still only a little demo, that I've yet to continue finishing. I'm lazy with my music, lol.


Both of these were created on a GBC emulator; the program being LSDJ or "Little Sound DJ" if I'm not mistaken.


Let me know what you guys think!





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-motorsteak 2020

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