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How to Play CWRP

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First thing's first. Download the pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1705515819
And on top of downloading the pack, download this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1842978869 

Downloading TFA base, LFS Planes, and VJ Base is probably a good idea as well, since the server uses these(I think).

1. Download the pack, the CSS Textures, TFA Base, LFS Planes, and VJ Base. Join the discord.
2. Change your name to the format. CT PVT #### [NAME]
3. Study the information on the wall.
4. Use "/advert I need a trainer."
5. Pass the test.
6. Participate in as many events as you can, following orders, making good decisions.
7. Look out for Tryouts, joining a regiment you like could make or break the game for you.
8. Avoid the Jedi. Jedi suck. It's not as cool as you think it is.
9. When you've gotten promoted to the highest rank possible for your regiment, try joining a new regiment. 
10. Remember to follow your standards. Your standards should be shaped by your environment. Always remember that even though you're expendable to the republic, you're not expendable to your peers. 

Now, when you join this server you will be a Clone Recruit. A bum that sits in a single room of the base. You cannot leave that area without being whitelisted, though some maps have buttons on the other side that can allow you through into the rest of the base. But don't try it. It's illegal.
The second step is to set your name. 
The format is this: [Regiment] [Rank] [A Four digit ID] [Nickname]
For example: CT PVT 1011 Watchdog

Get used to acronyms and shortened words. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what they mean, but don't be afraid to look it up online. 
If you turn around you will see a bunch of colored text on the walls, listing:
-All the ranks and regiments 
-Who you should salute to 
-Basic formations
-Formation commands, or Faces. (Things your leaders will shout at you to tell you which way to face your body.) 
-Defcon levels, and what they mean.

These aren't just here for you though, because in order to get whitelisted and let into the rest of the base, you'll be tested by someone. I'm pretty sure this can be SFC+, but they still need an admin or a trial admin to whitelist you. The trainer who is testing you will be looking at the wall too, trying to remember what exactly they need to teach you. 
They'll really only be testing you on your faces and your basic formations. So study those in particular. But knowing the other information is good, but not essential to getting in.
When you're being tested on faces, keep these facts in mind:
-Right face and left face are always 90 degree turns. If you're looking at your leader and they say "right face, right face", you would have your back to them, because you would have turned 180 degrees.
-When you are commanded to "about face" or "front face", always turn over your right shoulder, never your left. So if your back is turned towards your leader, and they say "Front face", you turn right until you are facing them.
When you're being tested on formations, keep these facts in mind:
-Each leader has a different standard when it comes to formations. Some want their troops to squeeze in tight, some want to be able to walk between the troops. But if you aren't sure, just do what everyone else is doing, or if it's just you and one other person, keep it loose unless told otherwise.
-Double columns should be wide enough for your leader to walk between the lines.
-Prisoner diamonds face inward, VIP diamonds face outwards.
If you follow instructions well, you'll do well. You should pass without a single hitch.

When you're ready, type: "/advert I need a trainer."
/advert and /comms messages are seen by everybody, both are used in character, /advert can be used out of character. If you don't have something serious to say, keep your filthy hands off of these commands. 

Events happen everyday. The scenes and the enemies are spawned by admins and gamemasters. They cloak themselves and give themselves invincibility to fly around and build events around you and the rest of the army. Normally they do a good job keeping things immersive. There are three types of events, as I've seen:
-Big events: Most of the time these start and end in the DB room. Most of the time these result in a map change, to show how the actions of the army has planted you and your peers in a different location.
-Small events: Sometimes these events start and end in the DB room.
-Mini events: It's somewhat rare for these to start in the DB room, but most of the time these end in the DB room.
Events are important, your actions during them determine your success in the game. 
Let me explain promotions real-quick:
-You can get promoted once every two days, two days is the cooldown.
-Fleet can negate the cooldown, but it's discouraged by admins. So they'll only do it if they think you really deserve it.

Certain ranks are able to promote to a certain level. 


If it wasn't clear, DB stands for Debrief. The DB room should have a nice sign outside of it writing: "DEBRIEF"
There are multiple signs on every map telling you which room is what, like:
-Main Hanger Bay(MHB)
-Secondary Hanger Bay(SHB, in most bases it's under the MHB)
-Simulation Room(SIM Room)
-Citadel(Sort of like an obstacle course)
-Jedi Temple Entrance(Do not go here unless you are 501st, and even then DON'T GO THERE WITHOUT PERMISSION IT IS KILL ON SIGHT PLUS IT REEKS IN THERE.)
-BRIG(Jail, also don't go in here without good reason or without permission. Going in here on your own is the equivalent of breaking into a prison.)
-Commanding Officer Meeting Rooms

Now, let's talk about the regiments. You don't have to join one, you can be a regular Clone Trooper(CT) and still have a wonderful time. But if you want a particularly special role or purpose, look out for tryout announcements. Let me explain tryouts real-quick:
-They normally take place in either the SIM room or the MHB.
-You will be tested on your faces and formations first. 
-Don't EVER go to Jedi tryouts. It's a scam.
-You will be tested on your TRIGGER DISCIPLINE, which is your ability to not shoot your fellow CTs.
-You will be quizzed, the officer or whoever is conducting tryouts will ask you a few questions. In my experience these are situational "what would you do if [blank]?" When you answer these, come at the situation from the perspective of someone who is in that regiment. If you're trying out for SHOCK, think like a SWAT team member. If you're trying out for 41st, think like a scout or a sniper.
-The last test is unique for each regiment. This may be breaching and clearing a room of hostiles, or taking down droid aircraft in a dogfight. It all depends on the regiment you're trying out for.
-Tryouts happen every week, and for some regiments once a month. 

Regiments are pretty wack. Some regiments are more wack than others. A few regiments are secondary, meaning you can be in a regiment and still be able to join it. The Jedi are a secondary regiment. You can be a Jedi and an Republic Medic(RMC). But don't be a Jedi. Because Jedi suck. See, because I like you, I've gone ahead and ranked the regiments from number 1(The best) to number 12(Jedi). These include both the primary and secondary regiments.

1. 501st Legion(Front-line combat and complete broship. These guys are always looking out for you, even if you're not in their regiment. You get an indestructible shield and some heavy weaponry. And when Order 66 finally rolls around, you get the first shot at those Jedi. Did I mention complete broship? Join this regiment if you want constant support and love from your squad.)

2. Republic Medical Corps(Front-line Assistance, support, care, and mommaship. If you want to be the mommy and also be loved by everyone, join the RMC. RMC get promoted fast, who knew being the backbone of every regiment would make you so important?)

3. 41st Green Company(Light infantry and the Republic's elite marksmen[and markswomen]. Listen. The 41st are the class clowns of the Republic Army. They like to play, the like to climb around like monkeys, and they LOVE writing messages with blaster fire. But when it's jobtime, they're quick to get into position and patiently wait for their shot.

4. Shadow Legion(Espionage, Stealth, Intel Gathering, and sabotage. Also the edgelords of the Republic army. But, they're redeemable because they're anti-jedi, and if you do really really well, you can get chosen to be an assassin, which means you don't have to listen to anybody besides fleet. They also have access to Speeders and V-Wings. If you're fine being an edgelord, and you're confident in your ability to sneak around, join the Shadow Legion.)

5. Clone Troopers(Frontlines, focus fire, Hecto. Join this squad for Hecto. He's the best. If he ever stops playing, still get on for Hecto. He's done this server a service, straightup. But besides Hecto, CT is a family. Everybody is a sibling. If you love your siblings, you'll probably like CT.)

6. 212th Attack Battalion(Big aircraft, big guns. These guys are ironically the worst pilots. Some CT's have hijacked LAATs and flown better than 212th. They do pretty good with their guns however. I'd say join if you think you could do better.)

7. Shock(The Military Police of the Republic Army. These guys aren't so bad, but they definitely didn't have my back when I was a Shock Trooper. Being a Shock Trooper means responsibility, you are responsible for making sure rules are followed, restricted areas are monitored, and the right people are arrested. You'll learn quickly that in order to be a good Shock Trooper, you'll need to make the right decisions on the fly. It's not fun and games in Shock. But maybe that's not so bad? Join the Shock to put the Serious in Semi-Serious.)

8. 104th Wolfpack(Rescue and Relief, enhanced weapons and hacking. Wolfpack are strange to me. I never see them out on the battlefield, but they're always around. Maybe it's because they blend into the CT's well? I'd say join the Wolfpack if you like the CTs...? The enhanced weapons and the hacking sounds cool. Never seen it done though.)

9. ARC (People who donated to GFL. They're basically a mix of 212th, Wolfpack, and CTs.)

10. Republic Navy(In charge of driving ships like the Venator. You have to be CPL+ to join. You get to stand on the stage during DB! How fun!

11. Republic Fleet(These are the gamemasters, admins, and trial admins. You can apply to be an admin here on the forums.)

12. Jedi(A bunch of losers who at this point are so far from what Jedi actually are that I've completely lost all respect for them. The only shred of respect I have is for the younglings who passed the tryouts. They are the future of the Jedi, and I sincerely hope that they won't repeat what their masters and High Counsel have done. Don't join the Jedi unless you plan to BE a Jedi. Remember, the Jedi strength comes from Knowledge and Self-Discipline, not jumping around like a frog and acting entitled.)

-- Will be updated in the future --

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11 minutes ago, rogueFingerer said:

8. Avoid the Jedi. Jedi suck. It's not as cool as you think it is.

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Guest Saizy

this makes me want to play cwrp very epic


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man I was thinking that this subforum has been dead recently and was wishing for someone to finally post something....



thank you

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Sincerely, the guy that wrote "How to Play CWRP"


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41st don’t have markswomen as we’re all clones of Jango Fett, a man. 

why are you even reading this bub


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