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Story of the Month - June '20

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Posted  Edited by Bae

Hello and welcome back to Story of the Month (SOTM)! 


The rules is as follows:

  • No NSFW or explicit imagery of any kind. Keep it off-screen!
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs, each paragraph should have a minimum 5 sentences.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • No pinging anyone that may involved in your story.
  • Do not plagiarize other people's works. If caught, you're are eliminated from this challenge!
  • Use your IMAGINATION and show CREATIVITY in your story.


The theme of this story is Theme Park.



Deadline is June 28th at 12PM EST & Voting will begin right after till June 29th 12AM. Winner will be announced on June 29th.





Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by Duck.

Even as kids, we knew that our trips to Disneyworld were nothing but distractions. We hear them yelling late at night. We try our best to drown them out, but to no avail. These trips, while fun, are just a reminder that our “perfect home life” our parents portray to their colleagues and friends, are nothing more than a farce. Just a day trip for us, and further drifting apart for them.


Mickey, Cinderella, Buzz, Stitch, all characters we used to love, are now characters we’ve attached to our home life. What used to be a fun meeting and a hug is now a slog to get through. At 10, of course it was a happier time, when we were none the wiser. Now, at 16, it’s just another day to grin and bear it, and don’t add to their stress. Just another day for us.


We try to get it through to them, that they don’t have to do this anymore. That we’re okay without. Please stop making us go, we don’t want to anymore. Our happy place is that where we lay out our bad memories now. Please, lay it to rest. If not for us, for you.


Maybe next time, I try to think, it won’t be so bad. Maybe they’re getting better. We hear less yelling coming from their room, less is more, right? But less is sometimes worse. Now they don’t speak a word to each other while in the same room. Now they’re more distant and cold than ever.


“Maybe this year will be the year where we can have fun” I say to my twin brother. “Maybe we can ignore the pain, maybe we can just enjoy ourselves”.


I reach out to grab his shoulder.


But my hand only brushes air.


Our broken home is a lie.


I miss my brother.

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My son, Johnny, hasn’t found anything enjoyable for quite a while. I’ve given him everything a child could ever dream of; games, toys, sweets, etc. However I still have 1 trick up my sleeve, and its called a theme park. Early Thursday I decided to take him out to the local theme park to see if anything would spark his interest. So far he’s dismissed food vendors, arcades, and prizes. Of course, this was to be expected. 


My goal was to get him to the main attraction, the Ferris wheel. As we made our way there, he noticed the large, glowing circle. At first he was skeptical about it, but once he saw how it moved his curiosity lit up. He tugged on my sleeve, urging me to take him there. I, of course, assured him that the wheel was our destination. 


After about 2 minutes of walking, we arrived at the Ferris Wheel. Johnny was stunned at the sheer size of it. I mean, I haven’t seen one in a while but it was definitely a sight to behold. The line to the Ferris Wheel was very short, so it only took a minute or so to get on. We were moved onto one of the cabins and locked in by a staff member. 


As we waited, I told him to take in as much as possible. I didn’t want him to miss anything, as a second go at this would lose its charm. He shook his head and moved over to the window. The wheel started moving in a slow pace, like usual. But Johnny didn’t mind that, as he was more interested in the contraption itself. As we reached the top, I asked him what he thinks of the ride so far. Johnny looked at me and smiled. “I love it.” Now, I’m a man and all, but seeing his face and hearing what he said made me tear up. Seeing my son smile for the first time in a long time will forever be one of our greatest moments together. 



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