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[CS:GO] KZ Climb Admin Application Info

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Posted  Edited by Infra - Edit Reason: Bumped up requirement for playtime.

Currently, players may apply for the Admin role. Accepted applicants will go through the Trial Admin phase, and good performance here will lead to being promoted to the Admin position!


Thing To Note Before Applying:

- Admins help keep peace on the server. They are here to moderate, remove hackers and rule breakers while still keeping it fun for everyone. Trial Admins have slightly lower access that will help them understand and get used to being an Admin - consider Trial Admin a training phase for full admin status!


- Being an Admin is not for you if you tend to have an attitude towards other admins or users. If you are applying solely for powers, don't bother applying. Being an Admin does not mean you have power over anyone, same goes for all other ranks. Admins are just like anyone else - but they are representing GFL by moderating the servers. We want a laid back experience on the servers, so if you are the person who will try to make everyone quiet when people are joking and talking, then please do not apply.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Joined the GFL KZ Discord Server.
  • 80+ Hours of playtime, more is preferred!
  • Must be age 16+.
  • Knowledge of how the GFL Forums work and how to interact.
  • Active on the server and is generally well-known by the community.
  • Must be a GFL Member+. Apply for GFL Membership here.
  • Should be calm, capable of handling criticism and controlling their temper.
  • Clean record. (VAC/Game bans need to be explained, should not have any GFL bans in the past 3 months. 1-2 minor commBans are alright.)
    • This also means you should not have a record of KZ Global bans in the past 6 months. Exceptions will be made if an accepted KZ Global Ban Appeal can be provided and verified.


Application Form:


Edited by Infra
Bumped up requirement for playtime.

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