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Posted  Edited by Loco
6 hours ago, OLIVKA said:

Who is slaverio 😏

K I K O sounds familiar to you? 

well actually not sure now Lul

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Posted  Edited by akphilo

i member gfl times where you had to be gay, asian and a weeb to be an admin. those were the times. Now we have admins that only have to require one of the prenamed statuses. 


All in all almost all admins are nice but you cant like em all the same, which is okay i guess. The problem naming them is you are guaranteed to miss some. You know who you are!

Nontheless i still like to remember the times where key used to teleport me behind zombie lines and made me run to the humans, this was even before my whacky spacebar bhop. To our amusement and wonder i had a high chance of survival. Also the one time where we had no speed limit on ze_marathon. THAT WAS DOPE!


@xKeyx i saw you posting so i had to post aswell 



e1: wow 73 posts im active as fuck. where are my slapping rights

Edited by akphilo

your profile is 33% complete!

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