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MrJAG GFL Ban Appeal

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Name: MrJAG


steamID:     STEAM_0:0:48166790
steamID3:   [U:1:96333580]
steamID64: 76561198056599308


Banned by: Stone Cold Steve Autism


Ban reason: Aimbot


Why you should be unbanned:

I have never aimbotted in my life. I managed to catch the majority of this game (save for the very start) by spamming shadowplay after hackusations started running rampant. I have posted the video of that game below.

To break some things down here:

- There was a real spin/aimbotter in this lobby (Timothy Arnold), and you can see that a few times in this video. He will be the Bandito spinning wildly and headshotting everyone. 
- The admin (Stone Cold Steve Autism) logs into the lobby at around the 7 minute mark. At which point, Timothy Arnold immediately claims he is hacking, as well as myself and another player. He then asks Stone to ban all of us. 

- 1 minute later, we are all banned. 

- Stone took a hackers word on the matter, and without gathering his own evidence, banned 2 legit players. 


I just wish there was a little more professionalism when it came to these matters. People throw hackusations around like candy at a parade in this game, and for admin to simply log in and take an actual hackers word on the matter is disheartening. 

Video Here:



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