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Story of the Month - July '20

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Hey there! Thanks for checking out GFL's next Story of the Month for July of 2020.


The rules are pretty simple, so you are not limited too much. They are as follows:

  • No NSFW or explicit imagery of any kind. Keep it off-screen!
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs, each paragraph should have a minimum 5 sentences.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • Do not plagiarize other people's works. If caught, you're disqualified from the challenge!


And that's it! cooltext-357150676400606.thumb.png.8e601fa6f8b602d83e65e0e0a7f1b4f6.png


This month's theme is travel! Your story can be about travelling to any place in the world, or beyond.


The deadline for this month is July 25th, 12 PM EST. A public vote will be held from the 26th at 12 PM EST to the 31st at 12 PM EST and the community's most-voted candidate will be announced as winner after the conclusion of the voting period.


This month's prize:

A Story of the Month badge that appears under your signature/any future post you may make (seen here: sotm-themepark.png.8bbb1acde3b4b2aa3bd4184ffedc96d6.png).



In order to submit, please comment your story on this thread.


Good luck, and let your imagination run wild! 

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Guest Saizy

"Hey, Adeline... you sure we'll find something in this plane?"
"No, but we need clues about what happened here. We were lucky to even find this fucking plane."


  I always looked at the ocean with awe; the way the sea blew on your face, how millions of animals live there, and the unknown horizons within the deepest parts. It has a sense of beauty attached to it. As I looked at the ocean traveling to Beijing, as I always do, I noticed something... off about the color of the ocean. There was no waves either. Of course, you'd think, there wouldn't be too high of waves to notice when your thousands and thousands of feet in the air, but it was unusually calm. I still had 3 hours left before I set foot in Athens, so I continued my little amusement with the ocean.
  The flight attendant comes up to me to ask if I wanted any beverage or a snack, and as usual, I said no. I'm on a strict gluten-free diet and messing it up now would cause months of progress to unfold, but enough about that tiny detail; what's wrong with the ocean? There is no waves, and the color looks more teal than blue. For the time being, I take my mind off of it and go to sleep. I still have four hours left and thinking about why the damn ocean is a bit different is adding onto my social anxiety.
  I woke up to a loud scream. It was a woman screaming bloody murder as she looked at her phone. I couldn't come to my senses just yet, but as I looked outside, the ocean appeared... closer? Suddenly, the news comes to light. The ocean swallowed most of the land up, and we're in the sky. We have no place to land.  No place to go. I summarized a lot of that but I am in a rush because I do not know how long I have left to live before this damn plane runs out of fuel.
  We're stranded. We will crash at any minute. I'm scared. I'm getting sloppy. I'm going to write this down and save it in a zip-lock baggie to hope that maybe, one day, someone will find it. I doubt it, but I take solace in that the human race isn't completely fucked and... my daughter didn't get the window seat.


"Jesus. Adeline. Come look at this. I guess we know what happened to Flight 370."

[ OOC: Hope this follows rules, forgive any grammatical errors as I'm pretty sick. ]

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Just now, Jerry Hat Trick said:

So, I assume this has ended & voting can begin, @Toxic?

(Same with AOTM)

yup lol closing now. :locked:

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