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Player Report Template & Information

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We encourage you to report players for disruptive behavior, cheating, harassment and other reasons here! Do provide as much information and details of the situation as possible, so action can be taken swiftly. Please stick to the template provided below, failure to do so could result in your report being closed without resolution!


Things to Note Before Filing a Report:

  • Please include proof/evidence. You can gather this with screenshots/video clips/jump stats.
  • Do not falsely report people in an attempt to slander them.
  • Do not reveal personal/private information. This includes things like IP Addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, full names, or ANY details that can be/are considered private information.
  • Reports must have a legitimate reason, shit-posts and bogus reasons will not be tolerated. If you have doubts about whether the situation/player is worth reporting, feel free to ask an Admin privately on the KZ Discord Server. Generally, if you think there are players/negative situations that need the Admin Team's attention - you may file a player report.


Player Report Template:

You can copy and paste this template, and fill it out as a new report. Replace everything in the brackets when you fill it out!

Be sure to fill out a relevant post title! Post tags are not required.



Reported Player's Name(s): [INSERT PLAYER NAMES]

Reported Player SteamID: [INSERT STEAMID]


Your In-Game Name(s): [INSERT PLAYER NAMES]

Your Player SteamID: [INSERT STEAMID]


Report Reason: (Be sure to explain the situation accurately with appropriate details.)








You must post your report in the KZ Climb Player Reports category. Use the hyperlink below:

Click here to submit your player report for KZ Climb.

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