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Event #188 -- "Maps GFL hasn't beaten -- VScript Tome Part I" / Aesthetic

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Event Overview:

Hello everyone!


This was selected from our Nomination Megathread, which you can check (and nominate your own ideas) here! -- As a bit of shoe-horning, our nominations in this thread are starting to lack, which means it's a bit more difficult to start selecting nominations since a couple of them in there can often share maps that should be normally on cooldown, please take a moment to throw some ideas in there!


For this week we'll be taking a look at a very special map. This map from CS:GO dates all the way back to 2016 and yet only recently it has been ported to CS:S, what gives? Long story short CS:GO has a few more functionalities and options that CS:S just doesn't have, which is why this map didn't make it to this game until now (thanks to a plugin also made by the mapper who ported this). For anyone who doesn't know the map, it comes with a single 20-minute long stage. No lazers and no op items, this map truly is a great definition of teamwork. (I'm not honestly sure but I believe no server in CS:S has beaten this, or at least I haven't heard of a server that has won, I could be wrong, but if not, then this could be our big chance).


For this event we'll be playing:

Time for the event:

  • Saturday July 11th @ 5pm CDT
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.

Special Kickers:

  • None for this event

VIP Rewards:

  • Winners of the map will be receiving two weeks of V.I.P.!
  • This event should be of a somewhat tryhard nature, please refrain from micspamming / using soundboards or mutes will be handled.
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual.
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
  • Map will have a starting timelimit of 180 minutes. After this the usual votes will come by so players can have up to two extra extends with this method, if any extra extends after this are heavily requested then a vote can be made by an admin to add more time.
  • Any willing one.
See you this weekend, and good luck!
Edited by Vanya

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Since event went flawlessly (also thanks to all the CS:GO people that joined), I will be increasing the rewards to the following:

  • Winners of the map will receive 2 weeks of V.I.P.
  • Everyone else who was in the server at the moment the map was won will receive a week of V.I.P. (this because a lot of the people that helped win the map were zombies / specs)

GFL officially the first server to win Aesthetic in CS:S

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