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Posted  Edited by Charismatic Charms

Okay, I've been debating for the past 15 minutes if this should go in off-topics or not, and just couldn't decide.

So don't be mean if this is not the right section, ya hear?


ANYWAYS, I wanted to start a topic where the community can say a fun fact that others might not know. :)


I'll go first.


Fun fact


Did you know that before he died, The original actor for Mace Windu was supposed to be Tupac Shakur? (Note: He auditioned before he died, not sure if he was gonna beat Samuel for it)

He along side Samuel L Jackson, were supposed to be like massive roles and notable characters in that series. Kinda cool, ya?





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Posted  Edited by Buzzz

fun fact :


Did you know that the color brown is actually a darker version of orange?


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