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Any Web Designers To Work On Open-Source Project (Barricade Firewall)?

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Hey everyone,


I just wanted to see if there were any web designers who could give input or contribute to an open-source project I'm working on called Barricade Firewall. This project can be located on GitHub here.


This is a neat personal project I'm working on and is based off of the XDP Firewall I made here. The Barricade Firewall offers a performance improvement to the XDP program itself (located in this commit). With that said, the firewall will be able to connect to a backbone to sync configs/filters along with reporting stats to (this isn't finished yet). As of right now, the XDP firewall itself works fine without the backbone and you can set filters and config options in the config file using the JSON format. An example is included in the README on the Firewall GitHub repo here.


I'm currently in the process of creating the web design, but I'm honestly not a web designer (I prefer back-end programming). So far, here's what I have:




I haven't messed with the content on the page which is why it looks bad at the moment. However, I do believe the nav-bar looks somewhat decent at least.


I just wanted to see if there were anybody who was interested. You can view the CSS/SCSS code here and HTML code through the Elixir templates here (I use the Bootstrap CSS framework).


This project also has potential to turn into a full-fledged firewall. However, I'm going to push out a basic version and switch focus to BiFrost with Dreae before implementing more complex features (e.g. forwarding rules that are synced on firewalls via NFTables API). Dropping traffic using XDP-native is one of the fastest ways in the Linux networking path at this moment which is why I feel the firewall itself has a lot of potential.



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